Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tostada Anyone?

As promised my easy-peasy ground beef tostada recipe...
Courtesy of the very elderly insane man selling 30 tortillas for .70 cents.

A quick stop at the farmers market for a tomato, a green pepper, and a head of radishes ($1.50)...

I love the Manor Farmer's market.
We've lived here long enough that I know the 5-6 vendors at our local market. Often times we trade produce or they pass along over ripe for free. It's all very Oregon trail-esque without Laura dying of typhoid and I've yet to break a wagon wheel.
I was going to just make veggie black bean tostadas but I was already in town and I've been forcing my vegetarian tendency on D as of late so I felt he deserved some grease laden ground beef. The Manor Grocery is another one of my favorite places in Manor (this isn't saying much considering that there isn't much else actually in Manor).
It's the type of grocery store where a can of diced tomatoes is 2.99 but a 1lb of ground beef from Jim Bob down the road is 1.50. Fresh bacon 2.15 and homemade spicy sausage 2.29.
It's awesome.
Fresh jalapenos .50 a lb and cilantro .10 a bundle.
Jar of baby food 3.00. haha...
you get the idea.

At the grocery I picked up some ground beef and cilantro (mine died in the one freeze we've had) and as of yet I'm not raising cows.

Back in the 3 Forks garden I collected an onion, some garlic, and some butter lettuce.
Then I diced everything up all nice and pretty like.
While out in the garden I found the following items...
that stupid lizard.
a superhero.
my high heel.
a granola bar.
and 3 headbands.

This is the point in the story where I realize that it is nearing 8:30pm.
This is not good. D will be home within 30 minutes.
O is currently in some odd form of dress. (read: he has mittens on his feet and a head bannd around his "nweck-wess").
No lunches have been assembled, much less breakfasts and sippy cups.
This is what I lovingly refer to as K8's speedy gonzales mode.
I then remember mid way though tubby time that I haven't even browned the beef yet.
After telling the Monster NOT to slip, fall, and crack open his skull I run to the kitchen and start the ground beef...

Back to the the tub. The Monster actually made it 3 minutes without an injury.
New world record.
Now to stir the beef, and assemble lunches.
I may or may not have stopped to soak in some crap TV.
And because all of us here at the ranch are super environmental and tree hugging green peeps the Monster air dried all natural by running naked from one end of the house to the other.

See that lettuce?
I grew that.
Yep, yep I suuure did.

I had some leftover corn and black bean salad which I had mixed with sour cream, onion, radishes, cumin, and cayenne so I pulled that out of the fridge...
and found an ice cold beer with my name on it.

As I zip up the lunch boxes, lay out our clothes for the next morning ( I must do this or else I end up wearing the most random outfits and often forget essential parts of my wardrobe), and begin to assemble the tostadas I hear the roar of D's car headin up the road.

Look how yummy and greasy it looks!

D even asked for seconds.

All in all it's been interesting getting back into the work routine.
I am thankful for the time to catch up on my sleep but I am even more thankful to be back at work. I really do love the work that I do and even though it ca be stressful and social work pay it makes me a better person and a better Mom to my Monster.


Anonymous said...

Mmmmm looks delish! I can't believe the guy was like "buy my tortillas!" Ha ha

That's awesome that y'all have a garden. Do you really live on a ranch? We keep saying that we're gonna make a garden, but it's been 5 yrs...

JCRHarris said...

Fresh tortillas made me jealous enough, but now you're yummy cooking is just too much!
Must. Go. Home. And. Do. Super. Cooking.