Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Random Rant

I tend to think that I am fairly open minded and accepting. I mean, come on, I'm a social worker. I've worked with drug addicts, rapists, the sick and dying, anorexics, child abusers, and all ends of the spectrum of sanity. But there are just a few things in life I just don't understand.

For Example...

1) Why in the hell do people actually pay 20.00 for a towel at BB&B (sometimes referred to as Bitchy Busty Brides (as those are the only people I ever see shopping there)? This concept is beyond me. I'm fairly certain that there is no way in hell it costs 20 bucks to assemble a shitty cotton towel destined to look like it's been put through the ringer after one trip through the washer.

2) "small" drinks at fast food joints. When I think small soda I think about a cup and a half of soda with a little ice. WRONG! A small at Smack-Donalds is a jumbo mega cup of ice and two swallows of soda. Crack in the Box doesn't even have a small size. You get your choice of large or larger (customer service is clearly a top priority). I don't need a cup of mostly ice so large that it doesn't even fit in my cup holder.

3) REALLY REALLY long fake plastic finger nails. For those that know me personally and intimately you will know that I do, indeed, have a love of fake nails. Mostly due to the fact that I have baby nails that never grow. ever. I am not even kidding. My nails need growth hormones or something. So, yes I do wear fake nails but. I repeat but. My nail aren't long enough to require their own zip code and I am still capable of opening soda cans and putting keys on my key ring.

4) Wedding pictures. The following things should NEVER be in wedding pictures.

The bride and groom with their dogs. This will end up on some website about awkward photos and very poor decisions made by stupidly happy couples.

The groomsmen holding up the bride. This is some weird trend that should just die.

The classic "bride looking back at the camera while holding the groom's hand" picture. For reals??? The symbolism is enough to make me puke.

The "lean" picture. Think Sandra Bullock in " While You Were Sleeping". If the groom is doing the lean please don't pay stupid amounts of money for that photo or send it to your great grandmother. Worse yet, don't post it of FB. Instead I suggest just getting a room.

Lastly, shoe pictures. There, I said it. WORST wedding corny trend EVER.

Thank you for stopping by for my Thursday morning rant.


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JCRHarris said...

LMAO! Love it! Especially the BB&B!! Ha!