Saturday, April 23, 2011

Wedding/3rd Birthday

O Turns 3 in like 5 months.
No, I'm not over-protective.
I swear.

For starters, oh. my.god. My sweet wonderful child is going to be 3.
I said I wasn't protective.

It just so happens that birthday parties at Gaga and Papa's are a lot more fun.
and it just so happens that D and I are getting married only 2 weeks after Little O's 3rd birthday.
In Indiana.

So the birthday party will happen while we're in Indiana.
I mean why not throw in one more party???
We won't be busy or anything.

So, I've been trying to start thinking about his party.
I know that 5 months in advance is a bit insane but I wanted to have that done and planned out so I could focus on the wedding.

Here are the two themes I've thought up...

Let's all go to the lobby; 
Let's all go to the lobby;

Let's all go to the lobby

To get ourselves a treat.

My Aunt would appreciate that.
Inside joke, folks.

and this view...
Although, it shall say Little O.
Not Jordan.

And all the treats/food would be movie based.
Kiddos could watch a movie while adults do adultish things.
Like take a nap.
and NOT use any of the following words:

potty time.
time out.
and the worst of all parent words... Elmo.

The other thing Little O loves are animals.
We talk about doggies, sheep, piggies, ewlephants, kitties, mwonkeys, buggies, fishies, lwobsters, snaskes, zebras, monsters, tigers-a-roooooar, kangawooo, bwutterfly, bwirdies, bunnies, and bwears ALL THE TIME.
But the favorite is the Ewlephant.

So maybe this...

A Safari Birthday!

I thought that might be fun because I could recreate a couple of the dishes I learned to make in Kenya.
And the options are endless for the kiddos.

Not sure why I am even asking...Whatever Gaga picks takes the cake.
Get it?
Takes. the. cake.
Oh, I crack myself up.


Bobbi said...

After you made a comment on FB about Oliver weighing 40-something lbs, I thought I was remembering wrong & that he's actually older than Meike. Now that I realize I'm not crazy, how does he weigh like 12lbs more than her?! Are boys really that much bigger? Or do you have an off-the-charts monster-sized child?

BTW- All previous years we had Meike's bday party in NJ. My mom just planned them though. Much less work (for me/us @ least)! Bring an extra empty suitcase!

Kate said...

No, he is actually under the norm for his age except in head size which is 95%. I just like to think he is smart. hahaha

And we had O'd birthday in IN last year and it was actually more work. I think I started working on the cake at like 6am. No joke...but it was so much more fun.

I loved Meike's birthday pics. I loved that and white one.