Saturday, January 21, 2012

The car that hated K8

We here at 3 Forks Ranch have 4 vehicles.

1 with a car seat.
1 that runs but I can never touch or breath on and that D loves more than me.
1 that is in various stages of repair or, er, disrepair in the garage.
1 that hates my guts.

Yesterday the one with the car seat (my Honda CRV) decided that it didn't want to do anymore work. I don't blame her. It was Friday neither of us wanted to do anymore work.
The clutch just stopped functioning.
In a parking lot.
At a clients.
For you stick drivers out there, you know that a clutch doesn't just STOP. Usually you can feel it going and have time to prepare. On top of this, D just replaced the clutch about 2 years ago. The average life of a new clutch is 100k. Not cool for this to happen now. Remember please that I put about 100 miles a day on my car. It is my job and did I mention THE ONLY CAR SEAT!

So, D manages to come find me yesterday and we trade cars. I now have one of the three Nissan 300 ZX Fairlady's that we own until D can repair my clutch and the Monster can't leave the house again until my lovely Honda is functional.

Anyway to the point of the matter.


I am not making this up.
It is a stated and proven fact.
She hates me.

Imagine a very tired K8. A K8 that has been at work since 8am, awake since 6. It is now 9:30 pm and she is headed home from work to see her little Monster. "ah, says K8, I shall stop and get the mail"! As she does, a small 3 blocks from her home, the Fairlady decides to lock up her steering so that this tired and frustrated K8 cannot do anything with her. After some sweet talk, some not so sweet talk, and a very loud "why today God??? WHY!!!!"...K8 grabs her purse, her work bag, the bleed bag (phlebotomy bag), and the dinner she so loving ordered for her husband and stomped in the heels she'd been wearing since 6 am (and yes my feet looked like giant puff balls of swollen fat). K8 stomps and curses for 3 whole blocks. She shoves the keys in her husband's hand, who is so lovingly halfway inside the engine of her Honda, and screams "SHE HAAAAAAAATES ME!" followed by what most likely sounded like "blahblah blah blah blaaaaah". As he calmy tells K8 that she is indeed insane he takes his fajitas and walks down to the Fairlady who naturally starts up without any drama.
See? She HATES me.

Today, I have to pick up a friend from surgery and run a couple errands. I wonder what Fairlady will try to curse me with today. brakes? flat tire? Bring it Lady, I'll go Towanda on ya!


Anonymous said...

Oh my...

Girl, I can't even drive a stick. And I've tried. Many times. And I grew up (and live) in the country, so isn't that some kind of pre-requisite?

So, I admire you for even being able to drive the damn things. Hopefully your hubby will get your Honda back on its feet. :)

Elsa said...

Sell them all when D isn't looking. :)

JCRHarris said...

Tell D that you must trade all 4 cars for two that will both hold O and work for at least ten years :)

Evan said...

Sometimes a jiggle of the wheel is all it takes to unlock the steering...
But you probably tried that!