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50 Question Challenge

50 Day Challenge
Day 6: A Picture of Someone You'd Want to trade Places with for the Day:

Now let's see here...
No where does it mention that:
  • this person must currently be living
  • that the said day or trade had to occur in this time period
  • that the person has to non-fictional
  • that the person must the same gender
Let's begin...

This is Giada (for all you non-up-to-date-cooks).
I don't really like her as a person (obviously I don't even know her) but what I mean is that it's not that I'm interested in her personality or what makes her/her. I want to trade places with her for one day in order to cook up a storm on The Food Network! Ya'll know I'm an actress at heart and I adore cooking.

I 'd want to perform one performance as Mimi in Rent.
Every time I see that show (read:237537496795876985 times) my heart jump, leaps, and sings along. I want to feel that stage high. If you've never felt it then you'll never understand why many actors become addicted to drugs. A stage high just ain't replaceable. I can't imagine feeling a Broadway stage high.
Correction: I have imagined it (read: 503495894 times).

This is Rosario Dawson.
The best Mimi ever.

Elizabeth Glasser.
I would love to understand even a fraction of what she's been through and the life that she has lived and the people she has met and lives she has touched.
She fought.
I mean that women rose up and fought.
She made monster steps in changing and reversing the AIDS stigma.
She raised awareness.
She raised money.
She stood up for herself and for all mothers/children dealing with HIV/AIDS.
She is the epitome of strength.
(and she did it with big hair in the 80's and class in the 90's)

Bob Dylan.
How could you not want to spend a day in the life of this man??
I don't even know where to begin and could never do him justice.
I know there are plenty of people out there that can't stand the sound of his voice but there is more to being brilliant than that.
His life as a whole is simply fascinating (what a terrible word to describe the life of Columbia Recording Artist...Bob Dylan)

Julie Kent.
I've always imaged that her life was such a facade.
When she puts on those pointe shoes and steps out onto that stage there isn't a trace of pain, hard-work, despair, tears, frustration, or resentment on her face or in her movements.
She looks like she floats across the dance floor.
There aren't many people with careers and jobs can make something so incredibly draining look so incredibly effortless.
She once said (and I paraphrase) that when the music begins and that first shoe makes it's first movement she doesn't have control, she just moves.

Anne of Green Gables
Have you been to Prince Edward Island??
Have your read all 8 of the books 94354306758675896749 times??
Have you fallen in love with Anne, Mirilla, Gilbert, Diana, and Matthew??
Then you know not why a day as Anne Shirley would be full of adventure.

King Julian.

I know, I know... the singer of the most annoying song ever created besides maybe "Who Let the Dogs Out and "This is the Song that Never Ends", but he makes me laugh like no other.

If you don't laugh then
a) you haven't seen the movie
b) you don't have the childish sense of humor that I do
c) you are an adult and not a 10 yo

  • Shush! We are hiding! Everyone be quiet, including me. Shhh! Who's making that noise?! Oh, it's me again.
  • The plan worked! The plan worked! I'm very clever! I'm the one, baby! Come on! Time to robot! I am very clever king. Tok tok tok. I am super genius. I am robot king of the monkey things. Compute, compute.
  • After much deep and profound brain things inside my head, I have decided to thank you for bringing peace to our homeland. And to make you feel good, I am offering you this lovely parting gift.
  • See you later, crocodile! Maurice, my arm is tired. Wave it for me. Faster, you naughty little monkey!
  • If he is a king, then where is his crown? I've got a crown, I've got a very nice one, and it's here on my head. Have I got it on?

Oh, King Julian how I'd love to be you.
But only for a day.
You are very hairy.
and a cartoon.


The one.
The only.
Top Hat and Tails.
This man made some of the best movie musicals ever created.
He was a complete perfectionist and control freak.
Something I am totally NOT.
He has danced with a coat rack.
He has danced on the ceiling.
He has danced with firecrackers.
And in black face. (Can you imagine?)
He has danced with Ginger Rogers, Audrey, Gene, etc. etc...
Oh to have lived his life...

Another man I'd like to be...
Just a tad opposite of Fred.
but oh, the wit, the one liners, the brilliant humor of it all.

"Either this man is dead, or my watch has stopped."

"I could dance with you until the cows come home. On second thought I'd rather dance with the cows until you come home."

"I don't have a photograph, but you can have my footprints. They're upstairs in my socks."

I could go on and on and on...

I don't see Andy or Edie all that different from each other in many ways.
I'd have loved to live just one day in her drug, money, fame induced, very messed up head and just another in his artistic, mad, also messed up head.
The crowd they circled with, the parties, the complete disregard of consequence...

One of my favorite places in the whole world is The Warhol Museum
Can you say (honeymoon...hint-hint) ??

Well now that was a very random list if I do say so myself.
I honestly can think of about a 100 more people I'd like to try on for size.
None of them have a Little O though (just me) so I'll stick with Kate.

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