Monday, April 18, 2011

Kate is Made in the Shade

made in the shade
( vp ) Success guaranteed. Since Hoodad got that job, he has it made in the shade.

I get a lot of comments about the way I dress.
Less so since I moved from Indiana to Austin but still...
I thought I would start a thread of my dresses.
I rarely pay over $20 but I do tend to buy ones that have flaws or that need some stitching.
I found this one yesterday for $8.
It wasn't the dress I had planned on wearing to the wedding but as I tried on my latest finds I fell in love.
I have the perfect 50's figure and as the the dress zipped up it said "wear me tonight".

The reactions from people are always mixed when it comes to my style.
Most people just laugh "oh that's a Kate dress".

I love this picture.
It is the perfect description of O and I.
Him doing something dangerous, me being an actress.

The dress is truly gorgeous.
Pale yellow with gold design.
I bought it with the intention of turning it into a mini dress.
Now I am not so sure as it just looked so flawless on.

The dress makes the girl.
A girl doesn't make the dress.
Unless she just sewed it herself.
In that case, she made it.
But ya know what I mean.

Oh, and did I mention that I spent the first half of the wedding chasing a monster and the second half holding my sweet little almost nephew?
I wrangled D into one dance though.
I gots skills.
and ate a LOT of cheese.

Congrats Brandt and Tara.
Much love and happy years!

Thank you for falling in love, getting married, and giving me a chance to wear a stylin dress, eat a lot of cheese, and give my hair an up-do.
love ya!

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Harris Family said...

I adore your style and long for your figure so that I too could wear such magnificent clothes!
AKA... I'm jealous!
I love the pics and your hair looked FIERCE!