Sunday, April 17, 2011

50 Day Challenge

50 Day Challenge: Your Dream Phone.

Let me preface this with what just about all my other friends have said...
I am blogging about my cell phone.
There is something so very wrong with this.
very very wrong.

But hey, a challenge is a challenge.
And I decided to man up.
Although men aren't the ones that push babies out their wombs last time I checked.
So, I womened up.

I pretty much shouldn't own a phone.

a) I hate talking to anyone on the phone unless it is my Momma or Grandma.
b) I use it for work so every phone call or text could be a client. That includes 2am.
c) It gets thrown into the tubby or potty on a regular basis. Oh! and once, or 3 times, a pool.
d) They cost more than the headache that comes with them.
e) sometimes I don't wanna be found.
f) they require charging, which I am terribly awful at.

So, as I'm out back planting squash, chives, cucumbers, and a roma plant before mass I was thinking...
Side Note:
Remember this is all happening inside my head.
While O is most likely dipping his cinnamon roll in the sand.
and eating it...

*If I could have any phone I wanted what would it be?
Why am I thinking about this?
It's Palm Sunday.
Kate, you should be more focused on the fact that next weekend you get to drink caffeine.
No wait, brain. ...I should be thinking about the Lord and the sacrifice made for my sins (specific reference to the massive number of times I managed to break my Lenten promise)...
Not about your cell phone blog...
I like pink phones.
and princesses.
and a phone that is fake.

So, I present to you...
my dream phone...

*Oh Happy Days*

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Harris Family said...

LMAO! That's perfect, like 100% you. And you're fabulous.