Tuesday, April 19, 2011

50 Day Challenge

50 Day Challenge:
A Picture of Your Ipod.

Again with the stupidity of this post.
Do any of you really care to see a picture of my ipod?
Probably not.

So I shall, instead, blog about the top 5 most listened to songs on my ipod.
I happen to find this feature kinda a hoot and holler and all that jazz.

Top 5 Most Played Songs on Kate's ipod
(courtesy of the awesomest brother in the world that replaced my old ipod after a small blonde monster decided that said ipod needed a tubby).

"Ni Rosas, Ni Juguetes"
Paulina Rubio

I can't understand one damn word of this song.
not one.
But for some reason I love it.
It is my ring tone.
on my cell.
It makes people think I can speak Spanish.
"ha! got-ya"!

If I knew anything other than the fact that I like the song I could talk more about it but, errr... awkward pause... me no gets the song.... I only get the swishing hips and the grooove!

"The Opera"
The Broderick

Listening to this song is what I call self torture.
It's about losing Grammie.
I hope Max isn't mad that I outed that info but, it is.
I've been listening to it for awhile but have been waiting for the band to release it.
Since a live video is now posted on FB, I thought I could talk about it now.
I know the song is healing in it's own way.
There is something about what you've been through and felt and sobbed and lost being put into words that you wish you could have said yourself.
There has been many a morning that I have had to pull over and cry when listening to this song.

*Warning: this is super personal....*
riiight now...

The other evening I had a little mini moment.
I sat in my car, head on the steering wheel and begged Grammie to come back.
This song just hurts but I'd rather feel hurt and sadness than nothing at all.
I quite literally begged her to come back.

*ok, sappy/over -emotional moment done.*

"Brownsville Girl"

If I have another boy he will be named Henry.
If I have a girl she will be Ruby.

That is all because of this song.
I love "story songs".
Ya know, songs that have a plot line of sorts.
This is by far my favorite Dylan song.
Growing up when I'd ask my Dad... "how much farther?"
He'd reply.. "We're goin all the way till the wheels fall off and burn".

I've never gotten to hear Brownsville Girl live, and probably never will.
Unless Dylan reads my blog and calls and sings it to me.
Hey, a girl can dream.

But it is still my mostest favorite Dylan song.

"Gold in the Fire"
The Broderick
Otherwise known as the Do-da song

How can we not listen to the do-da song at least 8 times a day??!!
The minute Little O gets strapped in at 6:30 am I hear this "you hear do-da/juice/Jorge/bankie? Where's Buzz/Woody? DO-DA"!

My favorite Gold in the Fire song story is my Momma's...

Driving home in their Element (NOT a kid friendly SUV) she looks in the rear view right at that lyric...
"with my seat-belt on tight".
and guess who was no longer in his car seat?
No seat-belt on tight there.

"Mr. Wolf and Mamabear"
Robert Earl Keen

Again with the story song.
That and my deep and abiding love for REK.
The couple times that I've met him he's managed to point out that I've been listening to his music since I was about5.
I've seen him so many times that he now remembers my face.
Never my name but hey, we'll get to that point.

This one of my many REK favorites.


Harris Family said...

Ok, I totally get you on not knowing the words to the song or what its about and loving it anyway.
I really like Shakira, no clue what she's talking about though.
Edith Piaf, nope nothing.
Opera in Italian, ha!

I love your eclectic tastes.
So refreshing!

Elsa said...

I love that you already have names picked out. I'm the same way.