Thursday, January 12, 2012

Lo sabías el setet dinero la maize el tortilla?

As you know my job sometimes takes me to parts of Austin that I wouldn't normally visit.
Parts of Austin where I stick out like a sore thumb. (side note: I HATE that expression. It is just plain silly). The upside to sometimes looking completely out of place and probably in a teeny bit of danger is that sometimes I stumble upon hidden treasures (and no, I am not referring to the trash in the gutters or a crack house). This happened to me yesterday...

I am waaay out in the middle of no where when I am called back into town to see a client. Naturally, in true K8 fashion, I manage to get incredibly lost. What do I do one might ask.
Well, I wander...
around and around and around.

This apartment is clearly masked in Harry Potter magic. I have now found every other stinking apartment number except the one I need. My heels are caked in mud, I'm freezing cold (it was only in the 70's yesterday...hate me and see if I care), and I am bordering on running late for a scheduled meeting. Never mind that I haven't had lunch and I am doing the potty dance. I finally decide to stop into this little grocery, where I know I will have to speak in K8's version of Spanish (think English with the letter O added on the end of every word and la or el added to the front of every word). Thank you American school system for neglecting to teach me something that may have actually been useful because, geez, I sure do use that old long division on a daily basis and I am regularly asked to sing the preposition song.

In I go to the little bodega and I say:
"Hola, excusi moi. Do you Lo sabías el apartmento el numbero ...?"
Old, old man that I'm not sure is actually still alive shrugs, points to a huge (think about 30) freshly made corn tortillas and replies "setent. You buy".
After much shaking of my head and bobbing of his head along with a long explaination to me (of which I only picked up the words (caliente, tortillas, el, la, ad gracias) I left with 30 warm corn tortillas for .70 cents.
I also eventually found that stupid apartment.

Flash forward to my kitchen hours later.
I made wraps for lunch, breakfast tacos, peanut butter quesdillas for the Monster, and yet I still have a stupidly large stack of corn tortillas.

For those of you that don't know, fresh tortillas don't taste so yummily after a bit, so ya kinda need to use them.Then in a moment of inspiration it occurred to me:
" I shall make tostadas"!

I heated up some peanut oil and started frying...
and frying...
and frying....
and, guess what?
I did some more frying!

Drained them on paper towels, let them cools, and bagged em up.

Stay tuned for K8's Eats Friday Beefy Bean Tostadas!


Evan said...

Might I also recommend my favorite tortilla dish- chilaquiles!

JCRHarris said...

That sounds delicious. I'm totally jealous.
I am also relatively fluent in Spanglish and regularly make a fool of myself trying to pronounce anything at mexican restaraunts! :)