Thursday, November 3, 2011

12 by 12

A good friend and I were texting today about the stupidity of new years resolutions because a) it seems more of a joke about NOT keeping a resolution than actually making one and b) no one ever really keeps them. So we decided, since we were feeling really old about it being 2012, that we would come up with 12 things we wanted to do/goals to accomplish before 2012 arrives.

I'm a dork.
I like lists.
It's therapeutic.
and dorky.

1) I will finish all the wedding thank you cards.

2) I will organize the guest room before I start putting up Christmas decorations. That room is currently still the "wedding decoration crash room". My rents are visiting starting on Sunday and at this point they will be sleeping on a pile of ribbon, leftover invites, thank you cards, and a wedding dress.

3)I will see a movie. alone. by myself. only k8 and k8 alone. I will do this next week. I haven't been to a movie since Harry Potter (thank you D). I adore going to the movies alone. I've done it since high school. This habit used to totally weird out my roommates as apparently going to the movies requires more than one person. I never cared though. I just love the movie theatre. ALONE. I also feel the same way about theatre productions. Maybe I am just so insanely snobby that I hate sharing the experience with anyone else. ha!

4) I will go to the Doctor. I am VERY bad about going to the Doctor and I REALLY need to see someone regarding the migraines. I haven't had one since the infamous wedding trip migraine but still. right?

5) I will find a jungle-jim/playscape for Santa to deliver to the Monster. I get that Santa is a tad overwhelmed right now soooo I thought I'd help him out. I'm nice like that (read: Uncle Matt, fake Uncle Skyler, and Dad will do the heavy lifting. Mom/k8 will drink wine, eat cheese, and organize the whole affair. If the boys are nice I will smoke them a beer-can chicken.)

6) I will have a yard sale. I know you crazy Northerners are locked and loaded into the winter season but us awesome Texans still have 80 degree days (this also means that we can't have yard sales in the summer as alas we'd all melt and die). I have a stupid amount of clothing (you'd be ashamed at the sight of 3 dressers, 2 closets, and 6 Rubbermaid containers in the garage, and about 6 boxes of shoes under the bed. This doesn't count the clothes that in the laundry, dry cleaners, and the "need to be sewn pile". Yes, I need help.

7) I will clean out my closet. I am ashamed at the amount of clothing that I own. I have a HUGE walk-in closet, shelves on top, bins underneath the guest bed, two dressers, and two bins in the garage. That is not even including shoes and all the laundry and dry cleaning items. I figure I could go at least 2 years without wearing the same outfit (yeah, I just said outfit) twice. This is NOT something to be proud of and it also makes it impossible to deal with. It takes monster strength to close all of my drawers. It has gotten so bad that I've just stopped folding my clothes and resorted to ye ole stuffing technique. Therefore, I SHALL CLEAN THAT CLOSET!

8) I will focus on potty training. Not for me you weirdos. For Little O. We were doing really well and then insane Kate decided to plan her entire wedding and we changed to Nanny. All that upheaval lead to massive regression. So, I'll start again. Any suggestions for a Mom that sees her Monster awake only 3 hours a day?

9) I will start this week to save a certain amount from each paycheck for my annual trip to Lakeside with the girls (every July). I will do this so that I have gas/food/spending money and don't charge it all. Never mind that I plan to do this every year and then end up spending all that savings at Christmas time. What can I say? Glitter and red and green make me just start throwing cash out the window!

10) I will at least start my tattoo. I've wanted one since I was 16 but have never followed through (because I didn't want it to show when I got married). I know that logic is, er....stupid but for some reason I just didn't. I have never once claimed to be sane.

I want something like this:

Or this:

11) I will not buy any more books until I read 10, ok...5... of the ones that I haven't read yet. It's not that I am not an avid reader. I am FOR SURE. One of my favorite parts of the day is when I get a bowl of soup or a smoothie and just sit on my lunch break for an hour and read. No Monster screeches, no husband drilling or hammering something, no housework. Sometimes on the weekends I'll make an excuse to D just to go some where are read. I am pretty sure he has thought I am cheating on him a few times. As in, "It took you and hour and a half to go to the post office"?? and "The gas station is a quarter mile away. Where have you been?" Me: "er, I ran into a park bench and was forced to read a chapter of my book by these evil thugs".

12) I will make D get my new bicycle in working order and then I will ride it. I will also make streamers for it and put baseball cards in the spokes. You think I am joking. I am not.

So there you have it folks...
I will not being having a New Year's resolution but I have my 12 by 12.


Elsa said...

I've never potty trained a kid, but I don't think you see Oliver enough to potty train him. I think the nanny/sitter/daycare would have to potty train him.

And I like both tattoos, but I prefer the second one (although, I don't like the stars). The second one has black and green which I prefer to the all green.

Anonymous said...

Augh! Such awesome goals! :)

Wish I lived closer b/c I'd totally come help you w/ the closet/guest room situation.

Love those tattoos! I don't have any tattoos, but I've always wanted...several!

I'm off to go think of my 12 before 12!

JCRHarris said...

I think the second tattoo is feminine and gorgeous! I also love the placement.
Potty training is tough but you can do it! Bribery worked wonders for us.