Sunday, October 30, 2011

22 Things

I saw this over on Mom2MemphisAndRuby...
I'm going to share with you...
22 Things I Haven't Done, 22 Things I Will Never Do and
22 Things I Have Done
You may be surprised with some of the answers!
but I doubt it.

  • left my Monster without saying I love you
  • been to St. Petersburg (yet)
  • destroyed all Toy Story DVD's in the world
  • Been rude to a cashier at a grocery (as I think this job must suck royally)
  • kept my closet organized for longer than 2 days
  • grown pumpkins (they fail every stinking year)
  • cut my Monster's hair (Gaga and Papa undermine me on that)
  • gone more than one year without a summer at Lakeside
  • stopped missing my Grammie
  • owned a 1968 powder blue Stingray
  • weeded my garden in about 2 weeks
  • made it through "From Here to Eternity" (that book is intense)
  • ever had cable tv
  • eaten at McDonalds in over 15 years
  • been truly comfortable with who I am
  • owned my own pool
  • ever not sung along to the radio
  • painted daisies on a big red rubber ball
  • had a pedicure
  • wondered what it would be like to be a snail
  • been to a New York Times reviewed restaurant
  • wore a pumpkin on my head
  • admitted to knowing every word in Despicable Me
  • gone skinny dipping (several times)
  • had horrid makeup at prom
  • told my parents that I hated them
  • had regrets
  • had completely natural childbirth
  • gone a week without showering
  • woke up with a cow's head peeking through my window
  • slept with a guy on the first date and then married him
  • dyed my hair more colors than the rainbow
  • drove 12 hours, saw the ocean, turned around and drove 12 back
  • been a single parent
  • dumped an entire beer over a guys head
  • considered chucking it all in and moving back to Kenya
  • laughed so hard that nacho cheese came out my nose
  • thought that migraines are worse than childbirth
  • paid more for something just because it is red
  • told a kitchen item that I love it
  • answered the door in lingerie and it was the Fed Ex guy
  • grabbed a pan from the oven before realizing I didn't have potholders
  • cried in the ER from pain
  • found a dead guy in his living room
Will Never Do:
  • skydive (sorry D)
  • hurt my Monster (on purpose)
  • not wear a seatbelt
  • apologize for being true to a belief
  • buy a Paula Deen cookbook
  • Fully recover from the two great losses of my life (thus far)
  • put my career above my son
  • eat sweetbreads. I just can't bring myself to try it.
  • betray my brother
  • own a minivan
  • have a dog (I pretty much hate dogs)
  • have a job that involves me working on pipes
  • ride a roller coaster that goes upside down
  • wear jeans with elastic waist, sweatpants, or pajama pants
  • allow my Monster to watch Thomas, Barney, Teletubbies, or the Wiggles
  • throw my mashed potatoes up against a wall
  • forget the importance of family and friendship
  • tell my Monster that I am ashamed or disappointed in him
  • sell 806 Main St
  • stop laughing
  • and for that matter stop cussing (I have a baad habit)
  • stop loving all things PUMPKIN! (did you see my wedding cake)
P.S. This was kinda fun and good way to kill ten minutes on a lazy Sunday morning. Probably should've taken a shower, cleaned something, brushed my hair before church or made breakfast but hey, sometimes a girl just need to blog (read: talk about herself).
I mean it's NOT like I haven't spent the rest of the morning staring at my wedding pictures or anything...I don't know what YOU'RE talking about!
Great now I even blog in Despicable Me lines.
someone save me.


Lena @ Mom2MemphisAndRuby said...

Despicable me is awesome!!
You've never had a pedicure?
and you've found a dead guy in his living room!? Yikes!
And you'll never let your little one watch The Wiggles!? lol... good idea! ;)

Tangled In Texas said...

Loved this! I wanna do it too!

I've never had a pedicure either. I have trouble paying for things that I can do myself. Although, I think it would be a really relzing experience - except for the fear of cathcing a fungus...

I can't wait to read more of your blog!