Friday, November 11, 2011

The Great Oreo Disaster of 2011

I groggily heard the Monsters door creak open.
I half heard him sneak down the stairs (remember that his idea of sneaking sounds more like a herd of elephants).
K8's brain said "wake up. wake up. go get the Monster before he destroys something".
The actual K8 fell back asleep (I mean it was freaking 6:30am on my day off).

About 15 minutes later I awoke and realized that the house was quiet.
Anyone with a Monster knows that this is NOT a good thing.
I groggily stumble downstairs imagining warm blankets or hmm....a diet coke.
Into the kitchen I head and find the Monster with the entire package of oreos.
The fact that he managed to a) know where I hid them and b) scaled the kitchen in order to access them is actually quite impressive.
What wasn't impressive was his inability to remember where is mouth is.
It's not on your nose, it's not on your chin, and it's not on your forehead. Therefore, why is there oreo residue on said bodily parts?

Shall I even start in on the absurdity of oreos for breakfast?

So, I spent the beginning of my Saturday cleaning oreos from everywhere in the kitchen and everywhere on the Monster.


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