Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Why k8 should not nap on Thursdays

Wow! This week is killing me.
I have been seriously busting my bum at work and completely neglecting 3 Forks Ranch.
Tonight after I fell asleep on the couch for 15 minutes.
No joke. We got home at about 7:05 and I awoke at 7:22 pm because there was a snoring in my ear.
Thank you Little O.

This is what happened:

drool. drool drip. snOOOOre!
K8 bolts upright.
Says the words "f*** it's dark. f*** I'm fully dressed and asleep with O on the couch. f*** I went back to sleep after waking Little O because he is still in jim-jams. f*** I'm going to lose my job".

And yes, all those words came out my mouth.
Hey, no Monster was asleep and I never claimed to have a clean mouth.
Everyone gets a vice and I gave up (for the most part) diet coke.

okay, so at this point I still think I am late for work.
I instantly sit up, leave Little O asleep on couch, grab purse and work bags, as well as O's backpack and take them to the car.
I check my hair and put on make-up.
I run to the kitchen, grab my phone, and text my Nanny that I'm running late.

It isn't until I call my boss that I realize it is 7:26 PM and I am not in fact late.
I am just in fact an idiot.
So here is where the story gets interesting....

Did k8 do something she needed to do (read:make lunches, fold laundry, make dinner, work from home, check her email, call a family member to tell them how insane I am, or even make sippy cups (please don't mention the dishes))???
Oh no, I relaxed and sank back into the couch in utter relief that I was not running late. I was HOME. FINALLY. HOOOOME!!!

tick tock tick tock

7:50 pm.
It's been another 20 minutes-ish.

k8 bolts upright.
It's dark out.
The kitchen light is on.
Little O is asleep on the couch as am I.

k8 says" s***, it's Sunday already. I haven't even made lunches."
So, assuming D is in the garage (his hideout) I take a shower.
Following said shower I peak out the front window to see if he is tinkering with our slightly insane # of sports cars.
"Odd, thinks k8, D's car isn't in the drive. HE LEFT ME! We JUST GOT MARRIED. You soooo don't leave a girl that just got married"!
I go grab my phone to call and yell at him.
Guess what?
My phone says it is Thursday at 8 pm.
That means D is at work making money to afford those sports cars and the couch that Little O is currently drooling on as well as the mushroom rice bake that I am now about to make. He has not in fact left me as a scorned married women.
It is indeed a Thursday.
I am fully awake.
And I am a normal, non insane adult individual.
(stop laughing).

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JCRHarris said...

LMAO! That sounds like a horrifically stressful evening. Seems like you need more sleep ;)