Friday, October 28, 2011

How to be a "pwincess"...Part 1

Welcome to the Wedding Blog (part 1)

Whoever said getting married was fun lied. I mean straight up lied in your face.
Think about it.
Take a full time mommy, job, life, dishes, and general er, life and add and entire other job that involves coordinating with about 200 people...see?
Unless you are rich or reallllly lucky I do not see this as fun.
Don't get me wrong, I loved flashing my bling around and the dress and ya'll know I love to cook and event plan and party with my friends and family.

So after months of organizing, gluing, baking, freezing, buying, crying, fittings, meltdowns and make-ups and er, one parking ticket.... I am married and it was THE. BEST. DAY. EVER.

I could get married every stinking day and be perfectly happy.
For those of you that know D you will understand the magnitude of this next statement.
He forgot to say "i love you", nor did he compliment me or er, think 0 words.
That's just D and I didn't even notice.
A week later, all settled back into our 3 Fork Ranch routine, he says to me "no one can deny that your were glowing the entire day".
And that pretty much sums up the entire day.
It was perfect.
k8 perfect.

Did I chop veggies while drinking wine with my friends?
Did I decorate, lay table clothes, move tables?
Did I do my own nails?
Did I do the catering?
Did I marry the man of my dreams?

the bigger question is...
Did I do this alone?

There was not an ounce of superficial love at this ceremony.
Every person that TRULY loves me and was there to watch me marry the man I adore chipped in and that, in my mind, makes it all so much more meaningful.
I'll get to my thank you's in part 3.

Let us start with the hell that would ensue before I even made it to Indiana.
For starters, Mom was in Miami at a conference and Dad in St. Louis so Little O and I left Austin around 7am on Friday morning.
We snacked on snacks, listened to Veggie Tales, looked at BIIIG trucks and choo-choo trains for about 5 hours.
Just about to Little Rock my right eye starts aching and my hands start shaking.
This is NOT a good thing.
This says K8's brain is about to have a migraine and this CANNOT happen while along the most abandoned stretch of the drive.
So, I pull over to the side of the road and raid the cooler.
I am thinking that if I a) stay calm b) eat ice chips c) hydrate/hydrate I can fend this off.

(background: I have extremely violent migraines that have ended up with me in the ER).

15 minutes down the road as I am crunching on ice I know that I am going to go into a full on intense migraine. I stop at the first trashy hotel I see, talk to the lady in what was most likely gibberish, turn on cartoons , and lay on the bed sobbing.

It is hard for me to describe what happens to me but let me try:
violent leg and arm shaking
I jump at every loud sound which is somehow amplified
I throw up
I'm hot then freezing then hot then freezing
I'm clammy and soak through sheets
I can't stand light
I shake and shake and shake
The right side of my face throbs.
My right inner elbow sometimes loses it's ability to function
I am in so much pain that I can't talk
My eyes throb and I can't make them focus together

It peaked at about 2-6am and I seriously considered calling 911.

I was alone in a really trashy hotel room with my 3yo son, 6 hours from my fiance and a hell of a long way from either parent, my body is convulsing uncontollably and I'm throwing up water. Oh, and did I mention that I'm getting married in a week?

I haven't slept all night and I am scared to drive the next 10 hours to Indiana.
pre-parent K8 wouldn't have thought twice but I have a Monster with me.
post-parent K8 knows that she a)may not make it to Indiana b) cannot stay in the hotel alone with the Monster all day if she wants him to live.

I decide to try and drive.
At this point thinking that even if I can make it 3 or 4 more hours and then get a 2nd hotel room at least we are making some distance (and thanks to Mom for offering to pay the hotel room if need case you aren't aware...getting married is freaking expensive).

Several schemes were invented:
D come get me from Austin.
I make to St. Louis and Dad drive me.
I check into a hospital and die (just kidding).
I chug through.

Guess what folks? Ole k8 chugged through. I have no idea how I did it.
At one point the shaking was so bad that I was singing the Veggie Tales song on repeat out loud to try and calm myself.
I have also now thrown up in at least 4 states and 10 rest stops.
I didn't eat for over 3 days other than 2 fig newtons (which I think I left in Illinois).
Sorry Illinois.


ok, I'm better now...just had to be mad for a minute.

So the first night at M&D's was eventful.
I, again, didn't sleep.
I thought I kept hearing people in the house, I was clammy, sick to my stomach, and there was ocasionally a small Monster foot in my face. Finally at about 4:30 I said, "screw this", and I put in a movie and began to clean, clean, clean.

*side note*
should you ever decide to clean a ceiling fan that is 12ft up don't stand on your tippy toes on an unstable table you will both rish possible death and eat a lot of dust.

The next day is a blur (the days following a migraine usually are). Mom and Dad got home late in the evening and I met a friend for drinks and dinner.
that event is it's own dreadful story.

Stay tuned for part 2.

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