Friday, October 21, 2011

Dinosaur Colors

Don't get too excited..this still isn't the wedding blog. (still)

No. This is a blog about things that no one thinks about unless they are stuck in traffic on I-35 at 8:30 am on a Friday.

So, I got to thinking about dinosaurs (thanks to the stupid- I mean awesome- movie that involves Rex, Jessie, Woody, and all the other characters that envelope my world).

Think about it for a minute...

Did you REALLY think for a minute?

er, me thinks no so just keep reading...

Why are dinosaurs always displayed in earthy colors?

When was the last time a human actually saw a dinosaur?

er, me thinks never.

Who knows they were all dirty brown and army green?

er, me thinks no one.

This got me to a-thinkin...

What color is a dinosaur?

(stop laughing at me cause I know you are)

My brain then asked me... "K8, what color would you be as a super hot and lovely dinosaur"?

I replied... "shucks, let me think. I really love red and I am a big fan of polka dots but I do like blue as well and stripes might be rockin".

After moving 4 feet on the interstate I decided that...

If I were a dinosaur I am pretty sure I was pink and had sparkles.

I may also have had red toenails (er, or claws).

So, if today you find yourself stuck is (grrrr) traffic imagine what color you'd be as a dinosaur because I am more than certain that they were so much more interesting than brown, mustard yellow, and ugly green.


KSK said...

You are SO RIGHT! To be a pink dinosaur, you'd only have to eat pink flamingos.. or the same food that they eat... and then go to a dino strip joint to get the sparkles!
These people that call themselves "scientists" don't know anything! ::sheesh::

JCRHarris said...

I think that I would be an orange T-Rex with brown lines and green claws. That sounds pretty fab! :)