Thursday, October 20, 2011


So, yes, yes. I know...

I should be blogging about the amazingly beautiful and groovy, fabby wedding I just had.
The ring that I now have to draaaag around (oh the trials of being married).

The awesome pregnant friends I have that covered my dress so I could drink wine.

The even more incredible family that I have that came from all ends of the country.

The brother that sang his heart out for me (and provided a keg of Upland Wheat).

The Mr. Petey that managed to find the most huge pumpkins and an AMAZING get away car.

Oh, and did I mention the husband that said "I do" and even danced???

Yeah, I should write a book about everyone that made October 15th, 2011 the ...


But, I'm not going to.

That blog is a work in progress.

(read: K8 is writing 9 million thank you cards, unpacking 9million boxes of ribbon, and attempting to stop her husband's eyes from rolling everytime she squeals after opening another cookbook/spoon/trivet/bowl/serving dish.)

Instead, I shall be writing about the ROAD of DEATH.

The road leads our family at 3 Forks from the abode into town.

It is an evil road.

Let me try and explain this road...

UP, sideways, UP, down, TO THE RIGHT, DOWN, UP, sideways right, SIDEWAYS LEFT.death.

I kid you not.

It is especially bad when you're still half asleep and rushing to work.

Then I call this road triple death.

and I talk to the road as if by yelling at it will cause it to magically straighten out.

now for the best part of the death road story...

Some dudes wearing what appears to be official road work outfits have been stopping traffic with their little signs and big, fancy fix-the-road-machines for about 3 months.

guess what?

The road is now actually worse.

Now paved shiny black but worse.

Did a bunch of guys sit around and decide how to make the death road more deathly?

me thinks so.

So, in case the death road gets the better of me please know that I had a super fabby and marvy wedding and all my friends and family (including my work fam) rock socks.

If the death road doesn't happen to roar it's evil cement head stay tuned for the infamous wedding story.

Much love and scary death road stories from... 3 Forks Ranch, Pinkpancakes, K8, Kate, Mommy, Pwincess, Kathryn, and Mrs. Hazwelwood.


KSK said...

I've always kind of liked the curvy, up, down, inside out type of roads... just not driving on them.. or being on them when other people are driving on them... :)

*Congratulations! Looking forward to the wedding story! :)

Elsa said...

Your first day as a wife and you've already failed by spelling your last name wrong! hehehehe

Our roads are that way as well. I complain constantly because I get car sick after a while, it's insane. Not to mention they never clear them when it snows so it's slightly terrifying in the winter.