Thursday, September 8, 2011

My Mirror

The Monster has lately been repeating everything I say.
In the EXACT tone that I say them.
This is NOT COOL.

It makes a Mom and Kate and Pinkpancakes hear herself.
Also, NOT cool.
The latest Monster sayings are:

" I SAID no!"

"Okay Okay Okay"!
(Said with increasing inflection)

(I say this a lot and it is very unattractive. I must stop.)

"What DID you DO??"

I know with that bad he has picked up the good: (YAY!)

"Oh Mommy I Lub you too"

"Tubby time is FUNNY"

"I'm Buzz White-Year. I come in PEAS."

"(Long sigh)....Mommies tired"...

"Mommy, I nweeed Daddy's wamp"....

Happy Sunday fwiends...I come in peas.

1 comment:

KSK said...

:) Very cute! *except for the repeating of not cute things... but that's even a little bit cute! :)