Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day.

Our morning started with The Monster insisting that he wear his dinosaur dress...

Never mind that it is just about 95 and only 9am.

My parenting style is more of the "whatever".
This probably annoys 99.9% of other parents but I say "hey, if he wants to wear thermal jim-jams, stomp around in the garden, get dirty in 100 degree heat, and then realize that he is hot and doesn't ACTUALLY need his dinosaur dress then lesson learned." Then I take the dinosaur dress off. I mean, it's not like I'd let him get so dehydrated he's pass out.
He is wearing a full body-heat conducting-body suit though.
Problem solved, just looked out the back window and he has turned on the sprinkler and is wearing a green bucket on his head.
I never said we didn't have style.

Next up, after reciting all the lines in Despicable Me while eating a vanilla yogurt smoothie and a chicken nugget (I say disssgusting but hey...who am I to judge. Maybe vanilla and chicken nuggets are "dewishes"), we decided to make "tato heads"...

Here are today's creations...

This is mine...
He is doing the three handed Egyptian dance and carrying an extra pair of shoes.
Because, duh...., Miss Elizabeth Peters would agree with me on the need to always have extra pair of heels in your trunk (hehe, I made a funny).
Unfortunately, I do not have a bum that opens and can carry shoes. (that sounded so odd).
If only we could all be "tato heads" (sigh). Little O would be in heaven.
Also notice my heavy blue makeup.
Super classy.

This is The Monster's creation:

I am quite proud of my Picasso Monster.
I mean, a nose on the top of your head??
Two hands up for the wave??
Eyes UNDER the arm-pit???
Classy runnin shoes?
What more do you need?

Then this happened...
I know that pic is a tad drastic but a fellow blogger in Bastrop (about 20 minutes from our house) took this from his back porch as they were evacuating.
I've packed a bag and gathered vital records.
er, and thank you Apple for making it possible to literally grab your entire life by unplugging it and carrying it to your car. (and I'm not referring to my child.).

So, I packed several "to go" bags, turned on the sprinklers, grabbed all the important documents that I could remember where in the hell I put them, took a shower, put my scrapbooks and Grammies things in the car, made sippy cups, charged the mini DVD player, and did the dishes. I may have also packed some wine and a wine opener.

Little O and I then did my nails and played dolls while we watched the news....

And my parents thought that the 9 million dollars they spent on Barbie dolls was ill spent.

Next up Mr. Handsome Police Officer decided to stop by and inform me (already having a nervy spaz) that if they come through with sirens on we are to leave immediately.
errrr. ok.

So I check FB, I mean I checked the online news.
And the Monster brought me the following...
and a chicken nugget.
half eaten.
but hey...
that is love.

Is that a picnic table full of piggies and tea set?
yes. yes it is.
Then the Monster got mad at me for touching the picnic table cause "its da mwermaids" (read: I touched Little Mermaids picnic table. oops my bad).

So, it is a quarter to 6pm. Little O and I are still bags packed, in our swimsuits (about to run through the sprinklers), and brisket tacos are in the making...awaiting D.
Let's hope that these fires stop. I know several people have lost their homes.


Elsa said...

When I was little I would play hairdresser with my Barbie dolls. I would cut their hair and then "dye" it with a washable marker. Sooo.... there was nothing left to save for future children. :)

And I love the dinosaur jammies. I've already bought several for the next child and probably more this weekend since we have to go shopping for fall clothing (I'm sitting on the couch with a BLANKET! Jeez).

JCRHarris said...

Laid back parenting is my way too. There's no use arguing about silly things, I think. Especially clothes, they're a creative outlet.
Stay safe down there honey!