Sunday, September 11, 2011

Coming up on Year 3

About this time every year I start thinking about being pregnant (and if you know me that's a lie...I think about being pregnant again all the time). But, at this time of year I think about being 9 months pregnant and ready to meet the Monster.

It never even occurred to me at that time to think about:

"Would I be a good Mom?"
I knew I would.

"Was I scared of labor?"
Not at all.

"Did I complain about my tummy?"
Never. I loved it.

Being pregnant was emotionally trying for other reasons (men issues) but the psychical and emotional part of carrying a child was incredible and is still the greatest, most humbling, and spiritual experience of my life. I have never felt more alive, calm, and at peace with myself than when I was carrying life.
That sounds stupidly corny but I know there are a million Mommies out there that know that feeling. It is nearly impossibly to explain to someone else what it feels like.

I was blessed with an easy labor and a wonderful Momma to call and tell me that "this isn't fake (you idiot) go to the midwife."
It takes a village, riiight?
So, this morning I was scanning through some old pictures and came across one of me on 9/11/2008. So I thought I'd share.

In honor of my Monster's upcoming birthday here are a few tummy pictures.
I carry him now.
I'll carry him when he's 16. 28. 58. (Not literally as I'd be crushed).
He's my son.
My first son.
I will always carry him through anything.
He is the child that gave me the strength to finally stand up for myself and that has been beside me through the worst of times and yet every morning he lays his head into my neck and says "wets go to da dwonstairs and gets bweakfast, ok mommy/I lub you/morning/go now to see da buzz woody/monsters/pwincessses."

I love this tummy...
3 years ago today...


(The day before I went into labor)

(7 months)

(6 months)

(5 months)


KSK said...

:) Awe! You looked really good pregnant!
I loved being pregnant too, however, I didn't' know if I'd be a good mother!! :) **OH! And I started watching those birth shows... and then I was a bit nervous! SO much screaming! :)

JCRHarris said...

So sweet, Kate.