Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Meet This Mama

The Mama Run-Down




Well, I tend to be about 21yo but occasionally I am 85yo or 3yo depending on my level of sleep and frustration.

Number of kiddos:

1 monster

Names (and meaning):

I didn't find out I was pregnant until I was nearly 5 months (I just thought I was getting fat). I had chosen Bennett J. (J for my "Uncle" Jeff who recently died). On the phone with my little brother (mind you he is 23) he pointed out that his initials would be BJ...kinda not cool. Max then mentioned that when he had a kiddo he wanted to name him Oliver. All in all, I stole my brothers baby name. Just one of the perks of being the eldest I think. (insert evil laugh).

The Monster.
Because he is a Monster and he destroys stuff and he picks his nose and he likes to hide in the closet pantry and scare the living daylights out of his Momma (

Little O/Pumpkin:
Because sometimes he is sweet and cuddly and the most charming loving boy that tells me I'm a "pwincess" every time I wear a dress and curls up next to me in the middle of the night . He moves my hand so it lays on his back and every morning says "mommy kisses...mwah!".

Age of kiddos:

The Monster will be 3 in exactly one week.
My heart is attempting to stop him from growing any older and my brain is willing him to stop "dwigging in da gwarden for da flwoers".

Number of desired kiddos:

I would love to have 3 or 4 but I've had significant fertility issues so I think it'll just be Little O.

Natural {epidural?} or C-Section:

All natural! Midwife in a bathtub. Best birth ever. I didn't have drugs, take a birthing class, or push more than 3 times. I had 2 ultrasounds and zero blood work/ procedures. I did however scream (a lot) and say that I changed my mind... "I don't want a baby anymore".

Breast,Formula,or both:

Breast for 3 months (unless Mommy had a couple glasses of wine) and then formula. The Monster decided he didn't want to latch anymore and I worked full time so we went to formula at 3 months and milk at 9 months.

Cloth or Regular:

I had big dreams of doing cloth but take single Mom and add full time job, a divorce, and an hour commute to work with all your family and friends living 1500 miles away = cheap walmart diapers.

SAHM or Work {doing what}:

When I first delivered I was working for Child Protective Services. WORST. JOB. EVER. And I am fairly certain that I don't need to explain why. Then I was laid off for about 6 months (which was perfect timing because my Grandmother became seriously ill and passed away.) On the day of her funeral I got a call about an interview for my dream job. Then I GOT THE JOB! So now I am a Disease Intervention Specialist. I am back working in HIV/AIDS and STD awareness and prevention. YAY! I have great co-workers, love my clients (usually), and take pride in having a successful and note-worthy career.
Miss Mo thinks I should quit and cook for a living.

Something that many people don't know about you:

I want to be a SAHM but secretly know that a) I could never lose my independence and b) I judge Mom's that do SAHM even though I am jealous of them. I know that none of that makes sense but it's an insecurity and a very bad character trait. I'm sorry. It's a love/hate thing.

Mama Questions

8. What is the best remedy for a diaper rash?

My oh my, we have dealt with this sooo much. Little O has very sensitive skin ( I mean, come one, he's toe headed, fair skinned, and blue eyed). To this day I have to dilute his juice by over 50% or it is an instant rash. The creams never ever work but I discovered that a TON of baby powder in each diaper and the rash is gone by the next change.

I LOVE baby powder.

10. What is your opinion on TV?

I HATE it. I really really do. I never had TV as a a kid (only movies) and I never could afford it in college. I do let Little O watch Pixar movies and the Old Disney movies but I screen them for the ones I find the least annoying. Our current favorites are: Toy Story, Horton Hears a Who, and The Little Mermaid.

12. Do you believe in the cry it out method?

Absolutely. As a single Mom I learned that life is a tad harder when you're on your own 100% of the time. I also have a child that can easily switch to Monster mode.

13. What are the benefits of co-sleeping?

Er, feet up your nose, baby sighs, baby cuddling, being karate chopped in the middle of the night, waking up to a dirty diaper bum, and 3am kisses.

23. How do you deal with the terrible two's?

Never go anywhere. Just kidding.... I have noticed that the tantrums usually occur when the Monster is either overly tired or overly stimulated (ie Walmart, parks with a lot of other children) so I try and avoid both scenarios.

27. How do you find the right daycare or babysitter? What questions to ask?

Believe it or not, I have found all of my nannies on Craigslist and I haven't had any serious issues at all. I left one because I asked for no TV and she was using TV as a babysitter. I usually ask for references and write out a list of "to dos" and appropriate foods, activities, etc. Our newest Nanny is awesome and Little O and Miss. K get along like twins.

30. How do you discipline your child without being too harsh?

I try to explain to him why he is in time out but I have definately been very harsh with him. Especially if he's a repeat offender.
(read: I want juice so I will open the fridge door and sit inside so that I run up the electric bill).

31. Is teaching my baby sign language worth my time?

Hahaha, my son can hardly focus long enough to brush his teeth. The idea of sign language makes me giggle. I think he may have flipped me off once though.

40. What has been the hardest part of parenting?

Leaving him at a sitter/nanny's home. Not because I haven't trusted the sitter/nanny but because my arms literally ache for him by the end of the day.

42. What is your biggest fear as a mother?

Losing my Monster. I am certain I could not go on. Even just mentioning it makes me choke up.

45. What are some of your favorite resources (books, websites, etc) for mothers?

I would say that I have actually learned the most about parenting simply through experience. Ya try something and if it works roll with it. If it doesn't work ya try something else. I also call my Momma about twice a day. haha! Not kidding.

46. What does your schedule look like on a typical day?

Little O wanders into our room at about 3am so I wake to a blaring alarm and usually drool down my neck (his. although sometimes mine), rush around like a mad women, drop him at the Nanny's home, sit in the car for my hour commute, say a few choice words to other drivers (Austin traffic is insane). I then transition from Mommy Kate to work Kate and spend the next 8-10 hours being an adult. Commute home (this also stinks), possibly stop for juice, diapers, or milk (the trinity of items we seem to constantly be lacking), start dinner, do the dishes, make lunches, tubby time, clean up toys, check FB and blogs, clean up toys, get mad about cleaning up toys, turn on a movie, read a nigh-nigh story, wait for Daddy to get home, feed Daddy, put the Monster to bed, collapse on couch, remember that I forgot to water the garden and take out the compost and recycling. Do that whilst complaining, do some sewing or read a magazine. Go to bed and repeat.

47. How did you survive the first two months?

Oddly enough, the first two months were easier than now. I wasn't working, had no where to be, and my world revolved around Mommy schedule and no one else's. To top it off I got to spend every minute with my precious new life. It doesn't get better than that.

48. What are some things every mom must have?

Patience and a glass of wine.

55. if you could do anything differently, what would it be?

I probably would have taken the child support money. This may seem too personal (and it probably is) but I have sole custody and am the only parent on his birth certificate. I've denied, over and over, any legal intervention monitarily. When Little O was an infant I was so protective that I couldn't bear the thought of having to "share" him (so to speak). I paid a tough price for this. I won't go any further but that is certainly a big regret. I wish I had known when to ask for help and that all people need help sometimes.

57. how does one go about traveling with a child/children? what are the tricks of the trade? help!

I've flown several times alone with the Monster and made numerous drives to my parents home in Indiana alone. The first was when he was only 3 months old and I was breast-feeding. I kid you not, I pumped and drove at the same time. The biggest, most helpful items have been regular stops at parks or rest stops to play ball or just run around like crazy and (sorry to say) the mini-dvd player. We must have watched Despicable Me 39465906754 times this summer. I also invented a system where I "let" him have certain snacks ONLY when we are going to Gaga and Papa's house and I build it up the week before we leave. For example, I start a few days before we leave telling him that we can have popcorn when we "go to da bye-bye". My other trick is to leave at 4am. Last time I did this he went back to sleep and didn't wake until 10am.
It was perfect.

With my Grandparents at 8 months pregnant...

I know it wasn't much but our house was pretty small.
His room now has a chalkboard wall and clouds on the ceiling.

Here is the 2 1/2yo Monster...

The Monster as Little O the adorable 6 month old...

When I was a kid my father would ALWAYS say (and it drove me crazy then)...

"Today is the first day of the rest of your life".

Simple? Yes.
Important? Absolutely.