Saturday, September 17, 2011

A Rare Soul

My Uncle Chris and I have never spent all that much time together (due to distance issues) but he and I have a similar soul. He is one of those rare people that you meet throughout life and can go years without seeing and instantly pick-up where you left off.
I've always looked up to him.

He's an artist.
A great one.

He's a chef.
(maybe where I found my love of cooking??)

He's calm and laid back.
(er, SO not me)

He fed twinkies to bears.
awesome in the eyes of a 12yo.

He made me a Shirley Temple.
Which I thought had adult juice in it.

He has the funniest laugh.
Just sayin...

He knows how to annoy my father (his older brother) better than I do.
hehehehehe... (very evil laugh)

This is his blog riiiight....HERE!

I have some of his work up in my office and I get comments all the time on them.
I kinda feel cool when I get to say "yeeeah, that's my Uncle's art. I'm related to him ya know?? We share the same awesome, creative genes.". (Again...just sayin).

When I was 9th grade (I think) he sent me this AWESOME scarf.
I still own it and I rock it.
For a guy with only nephews and a much older sister, this man has style. Although, I suspect that just maybe Aunt Rosemary picked it out. hmmm....

He took me trick-or-treating once.
I was ghost.
I don't remember much (other than thinking "this is SOOO awesome NO parents").

He also took me to maid-rite.
And he bought me a beading kit and a my first box of pastels.

He even sent me a birthday card with a leaf stuck to it.
I replied to him that for somehow a leaf got stuck to the card he sent me and maybe he should stop dropping birthday cards in the yard. (clearly my Father's idea).

He took origami paper and made me fake cigarettes (he used to roll his own which I found fascinating). And no...I've never smoked a day in my life so fake cigarettes are ok.
I had a good imagination.

He had really shitty taste in records.
Most of which I now own (ugh and double merde...I mean ELO???!!! For reals?)

My most favorite drawing of his hangs in my "K8 space" (my walkin closet where I get to put and be whomever I want to be). One of the characters is named you think he knew he'd have a equally rockin nephew named Max??? Creeeepy.

Uncle Chris (whom Grammie and I named "that damn Yankee" ... reference Gone With The Wind) is like my Father ( in more ways than one) in that he hates having his picture taken. The only picture I have of us I am wearing the most pink, flowery dress ever (gee, I've changed so much since age 7...NOT!) and a bonnet (naturally) and he is looking really weirded out. hehehe.....

So, all in all check out his work.
It's worth it.

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Elsa said...

I won't lie. I want to be a chef.... an artist.... and feed twinkies to bears. All of these things are on my bucket list. :)