Wednesday, August 3, 2011


So, this is my latest Vintage allocation...

I LOVE finding a new dress.
It is like finding an Easter Egg on Easter morning or waking to see all the gifts under the tree at Christmas...only better because you know that you have the only one.

I also like the feeling that I am somehow saving the dress and, with it, the story of the dress.

I imagine how many times a women has zipped that zipper?
How many times has she danced with her love as the skirt twirled?
How many times did she stand in the closet deciding what to wear and chose this dress?
How many children have called her a "pwincess" as she lifts them onto her hip?

A dress like this makes a girl feel confident and beautiful.
As if you know a secret or have the answer to life's biggest question.
A dress like this speaks for itself.

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