Monday, August 1, 2011

Boob Cake

boob cake.
Yep, ya read that right. I said boob cake.
My wonderful friend Brin (don't you think her name is so interesting...I love it) is having a dinner party for her, equally wonderful, boyfriend, Skyler tomorrow night.
She asked me to make the cake.
Yes, we are that mature.
I said... shush!

So, I thought I'd make a red velvet/cream cheese frosting cake because a) it's a stupidly delish recipe that my Mom has from eons ago. b) Skyler likes it and it is his birthday.
As usual the cosmic forces are working against me and not ONE grocery store (of the two that I had time to stop in) had red food coloring.
So, I remembered that I had some fudge frozen in the freezer and some cocoa powder that a friend sent from South America.
Hello delish Chocolate Cake!!!!

Then I went to look for sprinkles and found red food coloring.
Told ya the cosmic forces are against me.

No way in the vast world of baking/blogging am I capable of documenting the nearly 40683596854968450968549068 steps involved in making this cake.
So, if ya'll love me (which I know that you do) you will imagine this intense cake baking process that somehow occurred in 900 degree TX heat while listening to Cinderwella for the 900 millionth time.
It did involve a boobie cake pan (remember: we are a super classy group of friends), a glass of wine, a LOT of flour and butter, 6 eggs, 2 packages of cream cheese, one really sore left arm (stop thinking dirty), one sippy cup of chocolate milk, a ton of diced chocolate fudge, and one DAMN hot as hell house.
Dear Sky (or in the words of Little O: Skwaywler), next year I make your birthday cake in December. love ya.

All kidding and complaining aside...
We are camping on the ocean with them this weekend.
They are amazing friends who always have our back.
And what better time to gather with friends and relax than to celebrate a birthday?

So Skyler is preparing a truffle pasta dish and I've just started icing the cake.
The fried ravs are complete along with dipping sauce, hummus made and veggies and pitas are cut. I am looking forward to a wonderful time with friends. A time that will mostly be spent attempting to keep the Monster from destroying all the nice breakable things they own and traumatizing the puppies.

I iced it with some equally delish fudge and cream cheese frosting.
Placed it into my awesome cake carrier (it is often the little things that make life SO much less stressful and yes, I am referring to a cake carrier).

So here is "da go get da cakes too. wight here"!
Not showing the final picture until tomorrow (cause I know Brin and Sky read the blog).

Happy Birthday!

P.S. A lovely blog follower in Australia emailed and asked if I always dress so perfect and pretty. is a pic of me with the un-revealed cake after making lunches, dinner, a cake, ravioli, hummus, pulling weeds, and folding laundry. Not to mention playtime outside in the heat and zero make-up...
See...I'm not the perfect 50's housewife.
I just aspire to be.

A very tired Monster... who wants to eat "da cakes"...

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