Saturday, August 27, 2011

S'lizards on the Saturday Morning Scene

Look what we found in our guestroom...
Just chillin.
Doing their lizard thing.
Ya know, scurrying, hiding, being scared to death, chillin in the heat, bein cool...
the usual.

They look kinda big in the picture but they are actually smaller than my pinky finger.
Aren't they SO CUUUUTE!?
While D did all the hard work in running around capturing them and returning them safely to the wild I watched and spent some serious time deciding what to name them.
I decided on Fizzle and Wizzle.
But then thought that Wizzle might get made fun (cause it kinda sounds like something ya do in the potty) so I changed his name to Izzle.
In the end, Fizzle and Izzle are safe and sound back in the garden that is now home to two lizards and two HUGE froggies (named Ireland and Israel).
Why I feel the urge to name everything is beyond me.
I am just odd like that.

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Christina said...

LOL! Very interesting find!
Hope your weekends going good!