Friday, August 26, 2011

Missed the Memo

Did I miss the memo?
Is it make Kate feel like scum day?
It kinda feels like that.

For starters, I have no cell phone which a) is a HUGE asset to my job b) is my lifeline to my lifeline (my mom) and the reason that I often don't have a spaz attack. c) is how I know that while I am at work my Monster has not broken a limb, eaten a nail, or traumitized small woodland creatures. No phone = stressed Mommy.

Secondly, an ex-babysitter is starting, or trying to start, some serious drama much nothing. I'll go into this more once the issue is resolved because I think many of you working Moms will appreciate the lesson I have learned in future post on "how to choose stellar/non-trashy childcare".

Lastly, I am so exhausted between work and wedding and Mommy-ing and almost-wife-ing, and homemaker-ing. I cannot even describe to you my level of exhaustion. I actually parked my truck at work this morning and fell asleep.
in the car.
in the parking lot.
with my seat belt on.
Luckily someone locked their car and the beep reminded me that I was not, in fact, cozy in my bed but needed to go talk to people about sex.
good times.

I hope I don't sound like a whiny little girl because I DO love my job and once I get to my office and the mayhem starts I am good to go. It is honestly as if a flip switches and I get an energy boost simply off being in the eye of the storm. I love what I do and am proud of how hard myself and my coworkers work. In the end though, I am stupendously exhausted, not sleepy tired at the end of the day, but literally drained.

So, I decided to make chicken alfredo calzones with sundried tomatoes and olives.
Because K8 cooks when stressed.

I ran upon an issue today that has hurt several people and for that I apologize.
Apparently, there are still a few folks out there that are not aware that I was a horrid cheating wife and am now a horrid, cheating ex-wife with an illegitimate child. I am not proud of it but I am also not ashamed. I was given the Monster and I am thankful for the lessons learned. I have more than paid my dues and I apologize to anyone and everyone that I have hurt.
If you want clarification, the whole story, or are just nosy (I would be) I am willing to explain.
Just email me:

So, this was pretty much a whiny, annoying post and I'm sorry.
I don't tend to enjoy whiny, annoying people.
Shall we call them WAPs?
Yes, today I was a WAP but I shall not be a WAP tomorrow.
I invited Kunckle Matt, JESSIE! (The Monster always says her name with an exclamation point as if he just won the lottery. I guess she is, just that cool), and baby Jack over for dinner as well as the Daisy Dog. The Monster simply refers to our friends, Brin and Skyler as the "Daisy Dog" as if they are only identified by their puppy. hehehe.
Oh and Jamie, if you read this...bring your clan too! There is always room for more and we miss you. Ok, The Monster only misses Ash and Ash's Buzz Lightyear. hehe!
I hope and evening with friends and a rolly polly baby will lift this cloud of icky that seems to be following me today.


Charlie said...

Sorry for the scummy feeling.

Regardless of Monster's origins, he's obviously a wicked legit kid ;)

I work at the clinic on Tuesday, we should get lunch!

Elsa's Cooking Diary said...

You definitely should have named this post "horrid, cheating ex-wife with an illegitimate child." lol

I'm waiting for the sitter story. I've never had one, but I'm still curious. Is this the strict sitter??

Jasynda said...

You know, when I think of you I often think of how horrid you are. I'm going to go back to thinking of how horrid you are. You go put your feet up and TAKE A COOKING BREAK. Order a pizza one night this week or I WILL call you horrid for not taking care of YOU.