Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pre Cana

We had our first pre-cana meeting this morning with a priest from St. Mary's Cathedral here in Austin. for the wedding that is like 50 days away.
Poor D.
He has been through so much in his effort to give me a Catholic wedding. I know he is doing all of this our of love for Little O and myself but I've been with him long enough to see the tension in his jaw line.
He was miserable.
And not because he doesn't have faith....he does. He just doesn't understand or believe in all the tradition and paperwork that goes along with being Catholic.
I respect that.
I also respect that he respects and appreciated my faith and belief in the tradition.
So, thank you D for today. I know it was laughable to you.

The funniest part of this morning (remember that this is all happening before normal people are awake) is when the Priest started to discuss natural family planning/co-habitation. I found this especially hysterical considering the following:

a) We have a small 3yo Monster, a house (read: stupid mortgage), pets, and possibly a white picket fence and a huge lawn to mow.

b) D and I have both been married and divorced.

c) We own a home (keyword: together. read: we already sleep together. )

d) We are both over the age of 18 (read: we've had sex. duh. Did ya miss the 3yo Monster???)

e) If we were not committed to each other we wouldn't be doing all this in the first place.

f) This is just a funny for me: I haven't had female time since I had a miscarriage last year so er, there is no family planning, natural or or not, going on here. Secretly, I wanted to make the poor Priest even more nervous than he already was. But I am nice and didn't go there.

g) As we left the only comment D made was that the Church is still stuck in the 50's. This made me "inside giggle" considering that that I had a long conversation with the secretary about how I look like a girl right out of the 50's and it is sad that more women aren't more conservative and classy in their style of dress. hehehe. silly're fiance is stuck in the 50's too!

h) I saved the best for last. He spoke to each of us individually and held my hand to inform me that if I need help in getting Oliver's biological father to give me money he can help. I nearly died from trying not to laugh. Little O's dad is D and he has paid (in more ways than monetary). It has been 3 years and NOW someone wants to help me afford the Monster??? Lastly, if I wanted money from his bio dad don't ya think I would have taken him to court by now???
Seriously folks?
I may looks like I need taken care of but I am tougher than I look.

The moral of today's visit:

1) D may or may not want the ring back.
2) I had a good laugh at watching D squirm over discussion of our sex life.
3) I still have no stinking cell phone (should be here tomorrow).
4) We are probably going to hell for being different and marrying outside of the faith.


Elsa's Cooking Diary said...

You're going to hell for marrying outside the faith? That's the only reason? AND because you live together, sleep together, both been divorced, pierced your nose and live in the 50's. All reasons for hell. bahaha! And now I'm going to hell for laughing at this post, thanks a lot!!! :)

I'm also pretty sure that, considering what you do for a living, you could out talk the priest when it comes to the sex talk. :)

Kate said...

Hahaha, Everyone at work got a kick out this conversation with the priest. He was SO uncomfortable it was kinda cute. I didn't mention that I know things he wouldn't even imagine. hehehe. I love my job.

Just Jinny said...

We always joke that my husband is going to hell because he lied to the priest about us already living together. We agreed that I would be the one out of my own, and he would be the one still living with his parents...when, in fact, we had already been living together for a year.