Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Today as I was sitting at work applying my awesome new ruby red lipstick (yes, I am THAT girl) I realized... "AH! I'm getting married in like the smallest town in Indiana. There are no malls or make-up studios"!!!!! So, after many scenarios and brain things in my noggin (meaning plans that involved hours of driving, sleeping in make-up, plastic spoons, and the wizard of oz) I decided to ask the world of FB for advice. Needless to say several friends came through for me... I mean what is FB for other than finding a make-up artist at the last moment??? So Miss Jen whom you should follow because a) she's awesome and b) she's down right hysterical found this link for me. We both agreed that a little less on the eyebrows is needed. I am sure that 99.99999% of my friends in the world are saying the following right now " what? NO! K8 wear Audrey Hepburn-esq make-up??? That could NEVER happen". I say to you friends... "shush, you knew it would happen.
Remember prom?.
End of story.

So, red lips, smokey, dark eyes, auburn hair with big ringlets, bird cage veil, the perfume I always wear (thank you Tomas and Uncle Max for always getting me some when you go to Germany/come to the US of A from Germany).

Miss Jen and I are going to test run it on Friday before the rehearsal. If it is an epic fail I will look hysterically creepy for the rehearsal dinner. On a side note, calling her Miss Jen makes her sound like a teacher...note to self: come up with a cooler nickname. Although everytime the Monster sees a pic of her he calls her "mermaid mommy" (as in the Little Mermaid). Not sure why (red hair??) as I am sure Jen doesn't wear sea shell bras on a regular basis and last time I talked to her she didn't have a flipper. If she does doing my make-up could get interesting.

Well, I slightly digressed there.

In other news on 3 Forks Ranch we have no air conditioning so Little O is going to Nanny's home for now (during the day...duh) and D is sitting outside on Little O's mini chair with a head lamp, my lap top and about 9 million tools that I have no clue of their the back yard mind you. Yes, we are perfectly normal. I made mushroom stroganoff and managed to raise the temp in all of the greater Manor area by about another 15 million degrees. The Monster is currently naked and singing to "Under da Sea" and makes me "fix da oc-ta-pus singing" every 3 minutes (read: we've been listening to THE SAME SONG FOR 3 HOURS).

On that note, I leave you to either die from:
a) heat stroke
b) a heart attack due to the amount of cream in the stroganoff
c) death by insanity thanks to Disney.


Elsa's Cooking Diary said...

I have to know, what perfume only exists in Germany and no where else? I think the make up will work. But if it looks scary, then maybe just leaving the liner completely off the bottom.

Elsa's Cooking Diary said...

Of course, I didn't recommend leaving the liner off the bottom as a backup plan because I happen to wear my make up that make. No, of course not... hehehe