Friday, August 19, 2011

Working Momma

I thought I should introduce ya'll to the Monster's partner in crime and, in the words of the Monster "my fwiend Kwowie". She kisses his shoulder and he carries her to whatever toy he wants her to play with.
Gender roles already in action???
I will say that when they see each other each morning and give "awwwe...hugs kwowie" my heart kinda melts. They are bestest friends...and also love to break my things.

I've been putting in a lot of extra work at work in an effort to get my cases looking sparklingly awesome (going in tomorrow am too). The wedding is approaching faster than a speeding bullet and I don't want to leave a ton of open cases that a) my coworkers have to deal with or b) I have to come back to after getting hitched. So, upon getting home and boiling up some portabello raviolis, making juices, unloading the diaper bag, and eating a handful of carrots I seriously passed out from exhaustion on the couch.
No joke.
Straight up knocked out.
I woke to the Monster informing that "monsters all done. chicken nugget cookie." (read: Monsters Inc. is over and now I want you wake up and get me a chicken nugget and a cookie). Yes, I am parent of the year.
After said chicken nugget and "cookie" (I have convinced lied to) the Monster that peanut butter crackers/fig bars/granola bars are cookies) we headed outside to work in the garden. And yes, it was 109 today. Not kidding.

Guess what I found?

a) The Monster had turned the water on BEFORE we left the house this morning so I could literally swim in my garden beds.
b) My lovely manicure was a waste of my time.
c) We have a large frog whom is now named "fwoggiekitty".

The Monster actually pulled up a chair in order to sit and watch "da froggiekitty."

After all that excitement I will now imagine that I am cleaning my house and doing laundry while I watch some lame movie (sorry D), collapse on the couch, and drink a glass of wine.
Then I will laugh as I remember that when I was 21 I was most likely studying Chemistry at this hour and I will be grateful because, trust me, studying Chemistry on a Friday really stinks like last years socks.

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