Thursday, July 14, 2011

Kate is Made in the Shade

If you know Kate then you know her obsession and devotion to Kasey Chambers.
My Father introduced me to her just after the release of her first album.
It was love at first ear-sight???

She is a Gemini (me too).
She has a younger and very talented brother (me too).
She has cool eclectic and oddly odd parents (me too).
She sings from her heart and writes from her soul.
She is true to herself but very open about not every really knowing herself.
She has a grainy, nasely, interesting voice.
She is just freaking wicked awesome.

Outside the venue on a VERY warm Austin July afternoon...

I bought these boots in 7th grade.
Way back when my parents were still in shock phase over my love of all things hillbilly.

The jeans shorts have about 6 different colors of paint on them.
So, I pretty much blend in with each room of my house.

The shirt I found in the kids sections for 1.99 at a Goodwill this weekend.

I could go on and on about Kasey, her influence in my life, and her complete and total awesomeness (did I mention I got both her signature and her Father's????) but I won't ramble about her because she speaks for herself.

Youtube her.
google her.
itunes her.
myspace her.
facebook her.

It is worth it.

Kasey Chambers

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