Friday, June 10, 2011

50 Day Challenge

A Picture of You More Than 10 Years Ago
Fitting since it is my day of birth, no?

Before you even look at the child that is my son's clone (aka my brother) let's discuss the dress I am wearing.
It is a story that still brings me to tears.
I have always been a girl.
I mean A GIRL.
Shoes have heels.
shirts have poofs.
socks have lace.
white gloves and hats? yes indeed.
handbags, shawls, and scarfs? of course.

So. needless to say my poor Father may have been a teeny bit lost.
On a shopping trip with Daddy I saw this god awful, very ugly pink dress, that was as a) pink! b) HAD A HOOP SKIRT IN IT!!!!
And guess who went back to the store and bought it for his little daughter???
I remember literally jumping up and down.
And I wore it as often as my mother would let me.

So, my picture of me more than ten years ago is in honor of the best Father a girl could ask for.
He is the type of Father that is hard and expects greatness.
He and I have butted heads since the day I was born but...
He is how I learned to be a great parent.
and how I learned that Dylan is, well, Dylan.
and that out there are amazing people doing and creating amazing things...

Diego and Frida
G. Stein
My Brother
Teachers and Artists

And that you should love others even when you feel you can't.

I could go on forever with the doors, windows and canyons of life that my Father has handed to me on a platter and worked to provide to me.
My parents have each played a very different roles for me (as parents tend to do) and my Father has very much been the "behind the scenes guy". My Mom is by best friend but a larger part of who I am has come from my Father.
I think it's time to give him some much do credit.
That little girl, in that pink dress, is so proud and happy of that dress.
It amazes me to think that I finally understand, that yes, I was just a silly little girl that wanted a pink hoop dress, but......
even though the dress doesn't fit anymore, and is hanging in my parent's closet, what has stayed with me forever is that my Father recognized and adored me enough to go back and buy that dress. It isn't about the dress. It is about understanding and encouraging your child.
It is about helping her realize who she is and accepting her for how she is.

I hope with all my heart that I can be the type of parent that my Father was, and still is.
I hope that Little O will look to me the way I look to Dad.
And more than anything...
My Father was creative, imaginative, and loving.
He read to us, sang to us, played candyland till he probably wanted to die, made spaghetti, and got Sunday morning donuts, he took us sledding, and was Mr. Nose it All, he watched Max nearly kill me on a bicycle and then laughed his ass off.
thanks Dad.
He is not the typical rough, hard nosed Dad...he is full of laughter and wit.
I adore him, despite the ignorance I have displayed over the years.
I wouldn't change a thing.

Disclaimer: 17yo Kate would SO NOT agree with the above info. I kinda grew up a teeny bit.

Happy Father's Day, Pops!

P.S. Dear Lord up in heaven and all the angels and saints that boy is a direct clone of his Uncle Max. I saw this picture and burst out laughing. "Hello Oliver, I mean Max, I mean Oliver".

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Harris Family said...

That's so sweet! Sounds you like you have a great Daddy!