Saturday, June 11, 2011

Birthday Wishes

First let us ask ourselves if K8 is shallow enough to blog about her birthday gifts...
hmm...that'd be a big YES, yes I am.
Happy Birthday to me.

As to not offend anyone the gifts are not listed in order of best to worst but I actually will start with the best.

Granted I have about an entire box of Little O's artwork but a very artistic piece of work arrived in the mail and my heart melted. Why is that spastic scribbles on a piece of paper are more valuable to a mom than diamonds? It is a mystery.

My Rents took a belated 25th wedding anniversary trip to the Cali wine country.
Anyone that has met a Mullen knows we enjoy some good wine and tend to be snobbish about it.
While they were out there Mom sampled some amazing Olive Oil.
Now, let me make this clear.
This isn't your run-of-the-mill grocery store Olive Oil.
This stuff is strong and peppery and almost nearly clears out your sinus's.
It is so amazing.
I am the lucky recipient of an membership to the Olive Oil of the month club and my first shipment arrived on the very day that I happened to make a loaf of dilled potato bread.

Boys sometimes suck at gift giving, but not D.
He rocks.
I have a decorating style that is over the top, very 50's/early 60's and COMPLETELY opposite of D's.
So, I have taken to choosing spaces in the house that are "K8 spaces" (like my orange Mexican bathroom) and my closet.
I am allowed to put whatever I want in my wonderful walk-in closet.
and so I do.

D recognizes my style and cringes at the sight of my closet but bought me this rockin lamp.
Best part...he then installed it!
I Loves it.

I've been harping/dropping hints/nagging for weeks and weeks now that I REALLY want to replace the faucets in the house.
They are so tacky and UGLY.
I figured since the only BIG project left is the stair case I could focus a little on the non-necessary items.
And guess what?
I have a new kitchen faucet.
It isn't what I would pick (you know'd be read or pink and fun) but I love it and it's a good compromise.

I got this from a group of friends...
I'm re-gifting it to little O for his birthday.
We all know how much he adores "wunder da sea".

Lastly, a co-worker came into the office on my birthday, not even knowing it was my birthday, and gave me this vintage dress!
I tried to get a close up of the pattern.
It is really great condition and is super cute.
I love it!
And it cheered me up.

Thank you for all the calls, emails, and posts.
I missed my Little Monster but appreciated knowing that so many of my friends are there for me....
Even from far away.

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Harris Family said...

Happy belated birthday love!
Looks like you got some awesome gifts. I love love love the lamp!