Saturday, May 7, 2011

Kate's Eats

Breakfast Edition:
Crispy Potato Pancakes with a side of froggie and monster shoes.

If I were making this for a dinner, I'd just use the food processor but SOMEONE woke me up at 7am.
I let D sleep in so I did all the prep by hand.

Start by finely dicing about 1/4c. green onion from the garden.
I added in 2 big cloves of garlic and some seasoned salt and pepper.

Then I met a chicken who crossed the road to give me this egg.
Thank you chicken.

Little O is calmly (yes, I used to words Little O and calm in the same sentence) watching Horton (AGAIN) while I start Saturday morning chores.
The usual. Like every other Mom at 8am.
Along the way I found these two potatoes that looked like they needed to be eaten.

So I shredded them .
By hand.
My arm fell off.
After reattaching it I gave Little O some granola.
I should post that recipe too.
It's good for munching.
I am rambling now aren't I?
Probably delirious from hand-shredding potatoes.

Add in that egg.
Again, I'd like to thank that chicken for being a chicken and making me an egg.
I do love eggs.

Luckily, cracking eggs isn't too rough on the old rubber arm that I now have.
the potatoes are starting to turn brown.
Must hurry.

So, I quickly added some flour (about a Tablespoon).

Heat about 1/8 inch oil in a fryin pan.
Notice I said Fryin.
Cause in Texas we do fryin not frying.

I usually use bacon grease but was reading that for a more even, not to mention healthier fry, it is better to use peanut or canola oil.
So, I used canola oil.
Guess what?
They were right.
The fry burned less and ended up being more crispy.

I served them up with a side of sour cream and ketchup.
Then grabbed a handful of books and read with Little O until Mr. D awoke.
Bless him, he immediately started laying flooring.
The kitchen is almost done.

Per request...
Here are the infamous "fwoggie shoes".

And I loved them so much (easy to wash) that I bought another pair.
and then went back and bought "monsters shoes roooar"...
We spend SO much time outside and it is so flipping hot already (90's/100's) so these shoes are just perfect.
Also, cheap so when one gets no cares.


Elsa said...

I'm not a fan of either oil, but I do prefer canola over peanut for some reason. I use canola for frying, but I would rather use grape seed if it weren't so darn expensive. Lots of people say avocado oil is great for frying, but I haven't tried it (again, I'm too cheap to part with all of that expensive oil hehe).

Elsa said...

And your spoon rest looks just like mine, but darker. I love hand painted dishes.

Harris Family said...

Sounds delicious and the shoes are super cute!!

Bobbi said...

I've been reading through your blog today as I lay sandwiched b/t my 3yo and my 3wo (joy) @ nap time.

I really love that little ketchup bottle. Do you have multiple (like a serving for each person) or just one tiny cute one for sharing? Is it glass? Where did you get it?