Tuesday, May 10, 2011

50 Day Challenge

50 Day Challenge:
A Picture that Makes You Angry

It is fairly hard to make me angry.
I can get annoyed and whiny which is generally the result of a whiny child or a guy or being tired or that stupid cat.
Ok, and Austin traffic.
But honestly, if Austin traffic makes you happy I recommend seeking help.

Alright, let me see...
Things that make me angry...

Broken dishes.
I HATE when one of my dishes get broke.
Most of my dishes are irreplaceable.
(Besides my drink glasses).
My dishes/bowls/plates all have either sentimental value or they are unique and one-of-a-kind.
I always get very angry when I loose a dish that came from Grammie or that i bought in Mexico or found in some lone thrift store in some random town.

Along the same line when a dress gets ruined in the laundry I am livid.
I am seeing an interesting pattern.
The things that make me angry are the things that I can't control.

I even remember this one specific sweater that my boyfriend Nate ruined.
It wasn't really his fault. He just didn't know not to dry it and it came out small enough for an infant to wear.
not making this up. I was livid.

And then Sam always had to do the laundry in our first apartment because the 4 apartments in the house shared a washer/dryer in the basement of the old house.
(Read: PIPES).
I couldn't even open the door to the basement without freaking out.
I can't tell you how many things that man destroyed.
But, bless him, I remember one white sweater that he soaked and scrubbed and rewashed.

There was also the time that I didn't realize one of my "handwash only" vintage dresses was in with Little O's stuff and it took me FOREVER to reshape it. I was mad at everyone on the Earth for no reason at all.

And yet again, along the same line...
I HATE when a plant dies in the garden.
Just imagine nurturing a seed from the very beginning, getting it large and strong enough for the garden bed, watering, feeding, singing to it, and...you start to see some brown leaves.
So you sing to it more often and maybe read it a book.
Then you water it more.
Then you try watering it less.
Then you result to plant food and do a dance for its entertainment.
Then it dies and you cry.
End of story.
Shakespearean tragedy.

The last thing that I am capable of getting REALLY, REALLY angry about and often cannot even talk to others about is the death penalty.
I am incredibly opposed.
I think it is inhumane, sick, twisted, hypocritical, and all-round disgusting.

I will stop there as not to offend anyone that feels differently.
I am in Texas, ya know.
Sheesh, I am all worked up now.
I may need to go clean something.
Or break a dish!


Harris Family said...

I completely agree with you on the death penalty, just plain WRONG.
Anyhoo, I do love that you get all angry about the little things, that makes me giggle! :)

Elsa said...

I agree with everything. I don't think I buy one of a kind dresses, but I wear my clothes to death so I hate it when I lose one. I do buy one of a kind dishes, so that's tragic.

And to add to the angry list: charging/carrying my cellphone, my GPS (even if I need it sometimes), cooking a bad meal (hey, it happens sometimes when you experiment), and voicemail.