Thursday, May 5, 2011

Kate's Eats

Since I had so much fun making up a recipe the other day I thought I'd try another one.
I made this coming and going between working on the wedding invite list and dancing with Little O.
Cinderella on repeat has taught the child to waltz.
I am not making this up.
He wants to dance.
As in-hold your hands-and move back and forth while saying da-da-da-da.
Then he stops, hugs my knees, and says in the "I am imitating mom voice" I missesed you.

D says more tool time and less Cinderella.
I love it.

I started with a tomato (the ones from the garden are close but still green).
Do, I hear fried green tomatoes in my future?
(It's one of my Top 5 favorite foods).

And the garlic and a mixture of flat leaf and curly parsley.
Now, those be from je gardin.

I have parsley coming out my ears.
It is just a bit crazy.
I have to trim my ears every morning.
Haha, I love when I make myself giggle.

I had grand ambitions of using my pasta making machine.
Then I remembered that I worked for 14 hours and had 20 jillion other things to do.
So, I just boiled up some linguine.
And put it in my favorite bowl.

Little O is seriously into Horton lately.
We read the book 8560965 times a day and then watch the movie as much as mommy can stand it.
I have an antique orange double broiler.
Little O thinks that we can call Horton by yelling into the pot.
I am not kidding.
We haven't had much luck so far but, hey, we'll find Horton soon.

In between attempting to locate Horton and yelling "I hear you Horton" into a double broiler I managed to cook down some onion, tomatoes, basil, chicken stock, mushrooms, and garlic.
I then added diced black olives, capers, and a teeeeny bit of anchovy paste.
Ya gotta be careful with that or it all gets to salty.
and fishy.
Neither of which taste delicious.

Toss it all together.
Add cheese (duh).
Roast some garlic bread.
Call your Momma.
Pay some bills.
Do some dishes.
Clean the stove/floor/sink/counter tops/cutting board.
Go pass out on the couch.
Wait five minutes.
Get crawled on by a monster.
Monster falls asleep.
Get drooled on.
Be happy with your life.

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Harris Family said...

I am moving into your guest room.
Well, me and Ru.
I would love Chris to move in as well but I doubt he would, he'd just leave me :)
I want to help you garden and meet your little booger that sounds so much like mine!