Tuesday, May 17, 2011

2011 Annual Camping Trip

Ok, ok, so obviously it is not my birthday yet.
But, Little O will be with Mom and Dad in Indiana during my actual day of birth.
This means I will a) be crying about the loss of Grammie and b) be crying about not having Little O and c) be crying because I am getting so damn old.

So, we decided to move the annual birthday camping trip up by a month.
And we invited our good friends.
I wanted to go to Port Isabel this year (but it is 6 hours away and D got grumpy about that) so we went back to Port Aransas.
Mustang Island is an incredible place to camp if you don't mind roughing it a bit.
It is, quite literally, just a beach on which you camp.
just. a. beach.
all out nature.

I LOVE it.
Maybe it is because I grew up in Southern IN or lived in rural Kenya or maybe it is because, as D says, " I am just not worried about everything being perfectly spotless".

I love that feeling of disconnect from the rest of the world.
Not to mention that there is just something about people that camp.
They are kind and friendly and they watch out for each other.

2011 Annual Birthday Camping Trip

This happened before we even left Manor...
Passed out.
D and I gave each other the "cha-ching!" look.
Take note that we had to bring 4 bankies and Woody but were able to escape without Jorge.
If you remember, Port A beach was where Jorge #1 disappeared.

About at the San Antonio point of the trip I looked back to check on our little Monster and here is what I found...
I am sure he was thinking... "stupid parents making me nap in this stupid sun".

I just couldn't resist a picture of my baby boys toes.
I love his feets and his adoration of "shoes on".
A boy after my own heart.

Then we set up camp and promptly started a fire.
And unloaded the massive amount of food that we prepared.
Even though it is lower Texas it is still pretty chilly on the beach.
Little O kept saying "we go to da beach. we go to da beach".
My reply... "we're at the beach!"
His reply... "we're at da beach".

Yeah, that's how you cook on the Gulf Coast.

Somehow, we talked our two very good friends into joining us despite the obvious 2yo monster.
It was truly an amazingly good time...
Despite a few tense situations and a couple tantrums.
Aren't they cute?

And Little O now calls every single doggie he sees daisy.

Obviously, the next item on the list of things to do at a beach was clearly to get that Monster into the water.
It took about 3 minutes for him to go from scared to fearless.
I soooo have a boy.
(That also happens to love to brush his hair and wear high heels. Good diversity.)

Here is phase 1.
A little apprehensive.
"Not so sure about this you guys..."

"Ok Daddy, I am kinda having fun but hmmm...."

He then picked up seaweed, threw it, and yelled... "s'disgusting"...

Oops! A big wave got him right in the face...
So Daddy lends a helping hand.
Although, at this point Little O was licking the salt off his lips and saying "mmm...yummy".

Getting a little more brave so he turned around to Mommy with the camera and asked...
"You okay Mommy!!!! You fine Mommy!!!"

"Yes Oliver, I'm okay, I'm fine."

"Okay good mommy"...

Back to the waves...

"Here comes a BIG ONE!"

Fear completely gone and can't stop giggling.
That laugh is a giggle I wish I could bottle and listen to when he is 14.
His whole belly jiggles and he throws his head back.
It is pure delight.

Now the fun REALLY begins...
Just look at that joy.
This trip was pretty cheap.
I think we spent just about a 150 bucks total.
Not bad for a wonderful new experience for Little O.
And a massive sunburn for Mommy.

After I dragged him out of the ocean he discovered that I had brought "BIG TOYS"!
So we built about a million castles for the "pwincesses".

Clearly we watch waaay too much Horton as Little O insisted on continuing to "cwimb da mountain" and yell "Jojo where are you?" and "Hooorton"!

And then "wun down da mountain"...

This is my wonderful friend Brin...
Who had better be coming over for dinner on Tuesday evening (hint hint)...
Little O Loves her and loves Daisy...

In the mornings, in order to let D get his required amount of sleep, Little O and I would take long walks...
I am just so corny that I couldn't resist the footprint picture...

Did you actually think we would go anywhere without Woody...???

This is why I love my birthday, the beach, early mornings, long walks, and Mustang Island.
Never mind that I am peeling like a snake and scratching like a dog.
I had FUN!

Happy Birthday to me.

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Harris Family said...

That sounds AMAZING!
Camping on a beach seems like it would be spectacular. I'm jealous!