Tuesday, May 3, 2011

50 Day Challenge

50 Day Challenge:
A Picture You Edited.

I am with Jen on this one.
I don't have the time, energy, or um...energy to edit a photo.
I could post a picture of the wedding invite but that too takes energy and I am dragging today.
So, instead I shall post pictures of my completely unrealistic dreams.

I want to be Rosemary Clooney in White Christmas...
I really really do.
I want to dance like her.
Kiss Bing Crosby.
Wear that amazingly fabby black dress.
Sing "Mr.Bones".
Fall in love on the big screen.
Ahh...if only.

I love Red.
I love Red.
I want these.
Oh, how I want these.
Good knives are not the essence of a kitchen at all.
The heart and soul of a kitchen is in the stories and memories that are made and remembered but a decent set of knives that slice through a squash with ease and dice up garlic and onion without thought are truly a blessing to an aspiring chef.

When Max and I were kids we had The Friendship Fort.
Which happily found a new home with a young boy that I used to baby-sit.
The Friendship Fort played many different rolls on the stage of our imagination.
It was a ship.
Our house.
A hideout.
The stage of a cooking show.
A fort to fight off the enemies.
A look-out for impostors.

We read in the fort.
We hit each other in the fort.
I made Max eat onion grass in the fort.
Karina lost a tooth in the fort.
Many an army man fell to his death in the fort.

So, when I think of my childhood and my closeness (I so know that is not a word) with my brother, I often go back to the fort and allll those memories.
I sometimes even wonder where it ended up.
I want Little O to have that and those memories.
And, as any new parent, I want to go bigger and better.

I kinda want this...
a lot...

Welcome to my beach home.
I can honestly say that there is no where I would rather live than a cottage on a beach.
I'm not even that picky.
I'll take a cottage on a lake or a pond.
I've dreamt about that since I was a little girl.
There is something, that I can't put my finger on, about the serenity of water.
Casondra and I took a trip to South Carolina (Charleston and Paradise Island) in 2002 and I remember that she wouldn't wake up (hehehe) so her Aunt and I went and watched the sunrise on the beach.
It was truly a moment for me.
I barely knew her and yet we sat on the sand and talked.
I talked about going to medical school and making money and having a big house.
She held my hand and told me to do what makes me happy because at the end of the day, that is all that matters.
It took me years to actually listen to her but I am thankful for her.

Ok, I admit it.
I want to be a princess.
I want to talk with mice, sing with birds, wear glass slippers, and dance with a prince.
(although that kinda makes me sound like I need to be committed.)
Don't even get me started on the ballgown and tiara.
I could do without a Wicked Witch, Evil Step-mother, or evil old lady with an apple.
But I would like to live Happily Ever After.


Casondra said...

HAHA. You forgot to mention it was like 5 in the morning when you guys got up to watch the sunset, and I was terrible sick with morning sickness and plagued with first trimester tiredness. But I'm glad you got to know Steph, and she touched you just like she touched everyone she met. I think back often to that week with her...not knowing then that in a few short years she would be gone, and being so thankful we made that trip.

Harris Family said...

I LOVE this post!
White Christmas, the beach house, the fort, the knives... everything.
Wanna go halfsies on a house boat? We could smush our families together and just make it work!