Sunday, May 1, 2011

50 Day Challenge

50 Day Challenge:
A Picture of What you Did Today

I actually woke up in a frantic thinking I was late for work.
Yes, this actually happened.
Yes, I had a nervy b.
No, I couldn't fall back asleep.

So, I thought...
"Well hell, I never get time alone and there is a stack of books down there that I want to read".

I am still reading the Mitford Sisters but started Naked Lunch this morning.
Very odd.
Not sure what to think yet.
But I enjoyed my breakfast of cheese and toast with iced tea and a QUIET house.

Then the Monster arrived, groggy and confused in the living room with Buzz, Woody, bankie, Jorge, Thing One and Thing Two in tow.
And the day began...

First up...
"Change you" and tubby.

Next up, start breakfast for D.
Eggs over easy, scrambled sausage, and hash browns.
Mmmm! Mmmm!
I kept some hash browns for me.

Mother's Day is next weekend.
Hidden in these packages are the lovely gifts that the Monster created for the Mothers in our lives.
I am, in fact, expecting a resort spa weekend in Morocco with Josh Ritter.
It's out of the zip code, so it isn't cheating.
Right Kelsie?

Then it came time for lunch boxes and backpacks.
As Little O says "it's for school-schools".
And "we go see Dessica".
So, I made applil sauces (apple sauce), butter and jessie (pb &j), happy birthdays (poppy seed muffins), and chickies (chicken nuggets).
My child is so odd.

I seriously lost track of time and missed church.
I headed out to the grocery store instead.
I am trying to spend on $100 a month in groceries.
But this week D need beer and O needed diapers and new sippy cups so we went over a tad.
Er, and I bought myself some fancy cheese.
And the look on D's face when I returned home to a full blown deserved a beer.

I very gently and most annoyingly begged Uncle Matt to babysit O and D to take me to the City Wide Garage Sale.
Uncle Matt graciously obliged and D stopped laying tile in the kitchen.
Yes, I just said TILE IN THE KITCHEN!!!!!!!!

I got away with some killer vintage dresses.
Yellow seemed to be the color of the day and 3 of them I am going to shorten this evening.
The pictures aren't great but I'll post the finished projects on the "pwincess" soon.

I wish you could see the detail on this one.
It is so intense.
And it is a designer dress.
I forgot to mention that to the seller when she sold it to me for 5 bucks.

This picture, in no way, does the dress justice.
It is a beautiful sheer green flowered dress with a belt.
It is in MINT condition. Almost like it has never been worn.
A STEAL at 8 bucks!
It is my favorite purchase.
And what I am wearing to work tomorrow.

Now this dress was a teeny bit of an impulse buy.
I like it but it needs some work.
Shortened and taken in and I think it will look lovely.
I just got the 2011 Season line-up for Broadway at University of Texas and let me just say... I am gonna need some evening gowns.

And I just adore vintage aprons.
They cost me 3 dollars...

As we were leaving D and I spotted this cool looking old thing.
We've been in the market for something to hold the record player and receiver.
Here it was...marketed as a cabinet for a "scientific meteorological thing".
It was too cool not to pass up.
We paid a tad more than we wanted but, hey, it's tax refund season and...insert Donna Summer...We work hard for the money.

This is Little O helping...

Alrighty, don't judge but I have this thing about buying vintage girls clothing.
My collection is kinda insane.
Even I admit to that.
D just shakes his head and laughs at me.
I saw this and couldn't pass it up.
If I don't have a girl then my brother damn well better and she will wear all these clothes and play with my American Girl dolls.
Oh, and you can't tell but this is just an overlay that buttons at the top, behind the neck and that a bow that ties. There is a pale pink slip that goes with it.

Last, but not least, I have been asking D for one of these for a long time.
I remember my Mom had one when i was a kid and I loved it.
My ring is so HUGE (bwahahaha) that it gets annoying when I sew and do dishes.
I wanted a safe place to store it.
Where better than inside a hen??

We are ending the day by:
not walking in the kitchen (new tile).
meeting and LOVING our new neighbors
whining about not being allowed a "stustcker"
and cuddles on the couch

Happy Sunday!

And there you have it folks, a picture of my day.


Harris Family said...

I love love love Oliver language! It's so stinking precious!
Where in the world does he come up with some of those things?
My child is extremely literal, just like his father...
Oh and the dresses are amazing and I'm jealous... as always! :)

Joanna said...

You are my kind of shopper! Beautiful dresses for steals, I just love getting a good deal! Thanks for your sweet comments and for stopping by! :)