Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Kate's Eats

I created a dish.
It all started with this.
A sweet potato.
It ain't so pretty but it sure is tasty.

I wanted to do something new and slightly different than what I usually do with sweet potatoes.

Then I saw that I had about a million onions in the garden and some mushrooms that needed used up in the fridge.
So after talking extensively to Little O about where Gaga and Papa were I chopped that onion.
Then we discussed his fwoggie shoes and talked about what cows say.
good times.

Next up I sliced up those mushrooms.
Then noticed that Little O was missing.
This is NEVER a good thing.
and guess what?
It wasn't.
He was discovered eating pretzels and applying about 1 million pounds of pear lotion to his feet in my bathroom. Yes, I have my own bathroom. and I love it. No boy things in my way.

At this point I still had no clue what I was going to do with what I had started to create.
But, cooking is an art of sorts so i just went with it.
Threw the sweet potatoes and onions in a dish and roasted them 15 min.
Added the mushrooms.
Decided the dish needed 4 garlic cloves and some crushed walnuts.
You aren't going to believe this but...I went and did some chores and cleaning.
Amazing, I know.

Half way through roasting toss em and add more EVOO if needed.
I also do a fork test because you don't want to over cook them.
Little Miss Next Door's mother then knocked on the door and invited herself in.
Not that I care.
I glass her a glass of wine and we talked about her fear of sending her daughter off to college.
I promised to keep my eye on her and we exchanged cell numbers.
I love having neighbors and I think that fosters a wonderful environment.
I'm sure I will be a disaster when Little O goes off to college.
I will so be "that mom".
But may also be secretly glad that I can stop feeding him.

Since it cools off quite a bit in the evening, I open the back door to the ranch and let Little O come and go as he pleases.
This is sometimes a very bad thing.
But, last night he didn't destroy anything and played nicely with a large stick.
He wanted to "water, water" so as we were playing with the water I decided that the sweet potatoes might be good over a salad.
I then picked and washed some.
Well, Little O did the "water water" part.

p.s. My garden makes me so happy.

Now that I had decided on making a warm salad I needed a dressing.
Since there is such flavor in the roasted garlic/potato/mushroom mixture, especially with the walnuts I decided on a simple dressing.
I mixed about 1/2 c. sour cream with about 2T. white wine vinegar, and then whipped in s&p, dill, and fresh chives.
It was pretty tangy but very yummy.

I've read on many of my wonderful friends blogs about advice in raising boys.
Lately, Little O's behavior has improved GREATLY.
As has his eating.
I mean the kids eats NON-STOP.
As I was slicing the green beans and lettuce for the salad he had gotten a hold of his frozen waffles for breakfast and eaten them all.
This is after a snack of crouton, juicy snacks, granola bar, and yogurt.
3 months ago, he'd have had 2 bites.
I think my bank account and I are in for it.

Anyway, I then pulled out the sweet potatoes and the entire kitchen lite up in an aura of delicious smells and flavors.
I love roasting.

Using my bowls that I adore, I plated up the lettuce and green beans.
Knowing D would be home soon, I tried to finish up the evenings chores and prep Little O for bed and school in the morning.
Since D and I work such opposite schedules, it takes a lot of effort to make sure we have some time together.
I have many friends that work opposite shifts and I just don't think I could do that.
I need that down time to reconnect and talk at the end of the day.
I feel it strengthens our relationship and, in a way, refreshes us.

Since the dressing was low-fat, I gave D an extra little bit.
I try hard to make sure we all eat veggies.
Not worries about O.
He eats frozen peas and corn.
not kidding.
I had REALLY wanted to take a bath tonight but that didn't happen.
On a good note, I scratched the wedding veil and restarted.
This one is MUCH better.
I can't WAIT to post pictures of it.

I plated it all up and then D ate it before I took a picture.
I also gave him some garlic bread because he loves garlic bread.
Wait. Who doesn't love garlic bread?
And my leftovers for lunch...
I love leftovers.
Max hates them but me, I love them even more...

Happy eating from 3 Forks Ranch!

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