Saturday, April 30, 2011

50 Day Challenge

50 Day Challenge:
A Picture that Describes your Life

I remember my Mom coming home from work and being so frustrated sometimes.
She'd race around folding laundry, picking up shoes, making dinner, making lunches, helping me add and Max count, picking up toys, and then grading papers.

Max can't understand yet, but I can....Mom, you are a saint. I now REALLY understand that frantic running around and frustration and the phrase "five minutes to myself, please, 5 minutes"!

Being a full-time working Mom is a challenge that I feel is highly underrated.
I was lucky enough to have D here last night to let me take a nap when I got home but there were still 9 billion things to be done.
Work issues and cases and clients still on my mind.

Then it happened.

(pause for dramatic emphasis)...

Little O grabbed his new animal book that the Easter Bunny brought, laid next to me on the couch, rubbed my head... "It's alwight Mommy. sweepies too"... and proceeded to point out all the animals 3 millions times.
Best end to an evening ever.

I did still make dinner, fold some laundry, do some sewing, clean the stove, and pick up toys but's all worth it just for that moment out of time.

Pictures that describe my life may seem depressing...
Case in point...

This is my kitchen sink on Saturday morning.
Ugh and double merde...
Hello 7am.
Me hates you.

Shoes used to be a fun part of my life.
and indeed they still are when they involve MY shoes.
But baby shoes that never seem to have matches, that end up in.... um...the garden/toybox/trunk of car/out the window/laundry...not so much fun.

This is the shoe basket...
Why? Why?
Why do I spend so much time filling and unfilling and digging through a basket of shoes?
It is a mystery.

Casondra has this 4 million times worse than I do.
I bless her for her strength.

I used to LOVE laundry.
I actually did.
It was my favorite chore.
Now it has become a monster of evil horror.
and a nightmare.
I seriously have scary nightmares about mis-matched socks and wrinkled clothes that- oh dear Lord- need to be ironed!!!!!!
Get me a paper bag now, I'm hyperventilating.

P.S. This is a pic of just ONE basket of laundry.
I didn't want to show you the one with all the delicate s and under wears.

This picture caused me to have a nervy b.
Holy Monkeys!
That play room is out. of. control.
and I picked it up yesterday.
I swear.

Picking up toys, playing with toys, being hit with toys, eating plastic pizza, and talking about trucks is pretty much my life.

But I don't mind at all.
My lower back may, but I don't.
We made pizza, chicken, butter soup yesterday.
It was delicious.
And we had to "stirs it for a wong time".

How can I not point out work?
It is a picture of my life.
It takes up most of week and my time and my brain thingys going on in my brain.
I love it.
I hate it.
It's rewarding.
It's frustrating.
But, at the end of the day, even days like yesterday, I have great and awesome co-workers, a really stellar boss, clients that I want to help, and a job that I actually ADORE.
Remember the horror of CPS?
I do.

Last but not least my two most incredible boys.

My relationship with my son.
After all that we have been through since he was born, he is especially close to me.
My bond with him runs very deep.
Many people either don't understand or frown on it, but he is an extension of my soul.
I know one day I will have to let him go, but for now I shall cherish that I am simply "mommy...I misseded you. cookie now peas".
He made my world right and got me through all that I've been through.
I am not sure where I would be if he hadn't stayed with me.
When I hit rock bottom, when I cried and felt lonely, when I lost those that I loved, I had that Little Monster to remind me about what life is truly about.
Giving to others.
Loving what you have.
Learning but moving on.

The there is this man.
He is a picture of my life.
As opposite as we are, I am so in love with him.
Intelligence to me is incredibly important.
D is an old soul (not just older than I am) but truly wise.
He has an understanding of people that I will never achieve.
I am just too fanciful.
We are a good team.
And he thinks I'm the cutest thing he's ever seen.
I know cause he told me.
He makes my heart swell.
In a healthy way.
Not in a-need-to call-911-way.


Harris Family said...

I love it. Every sentence. How perfect.

Bobbi said...

The picture of the playroom looks like my living room after a day of me being sick on the couch. I pretty much put all her toys in there and let her have at 'em!