Friday, April 22, 2011


Wedding Shoes

Shoes to go with my dress is now the biggest issue.
Yes, I am that shallow.
Shoes are uber important.

Especially since:
a) I LOVE heels
b) My dress is t-length so they can be seen.

My necklace and earrings are malakite (emerald/ green-ish) from Kenya.

So, I wanted to accent that with green shoes.

My friend, Elsa, found these online.
I want them but am borderline on the price.
It's half the price of the dress.

Advice is needed before purchase.

Go to THIS link to see the shoes up for debate.


cream dress
fifties pattern
fall wedding
t-length dress
informal ceremony



Lauren Guehl said...

Buy them. Wear them. Don't look back.

Gina said...

Why don't you get a pair you can have dyed to match your jewelry? They wouldn't be that different from those and WAY cheaper.