Saturday, April 23, 2011

Kate's Eats

Kate's Eats: The Breakfast Version
Bacon Pancakes and Scrambled Eggs

Bacon at 3 Forks Ranch is a food group.
So, after making up PB/Chocolate/Banana pancakes for Little O for breakfast, I thought...
Why not maple bacon pancakes for D.
With a side of scrambled eggs.

We have a big day ahead of us so this man needs some fuel.
He is headed to Uncle Matt's house to work on the truck (I swear it will be finished soon...hahahahahahahahaha).
And the image of my fiance with a greasey nose is kinda cute.

After this we are headed to a pottery store to make Mother's Day gifts for all the mothers and grandmothers in our lives.

I also bought a new lounge chair (for getting an awesome tan purposes) but, naturally, it is overcast today. Instead, Little O wants to make "gigi cookies".
Gigi is my Mom's Mom (so my Grandma) and she makes cookies from boxed cake mix.
I make them only on special occasions so as it is Easter I agreed to make them.
Blog post to follow...unless I eat all the batter first.

Okay, back to the Baconater Pancakes...

The bacon was already fried up and I keep some pancake mix in the freezer at all times.
I'm awesome like that.

I poured out 1/2 c. mix

Added 1/3c. water

and then pulled some bacon out of the Fridge.
Oh wait, is that one of necklaces and a remote control I see in there?


Dice it up in a real fine dice.
Enjoy being alone.
This never happens.
I. am. alone.

Uhoh! I can hear the infamous early morning call of the monster...
"Moooommy! Where arrrre yoooouuuu?"

An outfit change for Little O (it's too hot for clothes as we have already entered the too-hot-for -clothes part of the year and only wear a diaper).
Hey, I never claimed to be classy.
A sippy cup of "choc-it milk" in the "pwincess" cup.
Yes, the monster loves Pwincesses so we have pwincess cups.
And some incredibly annoying begging for Word World.

I then got back to the pancakes and added the bacon to pancake mix.

As I am mixing the batter Little O brought me a gift.
At which I screamed and jumped about.
Which, in turn, caused Little O to slap his knee and belly laugh hysterically.
I am so loved.

After recovering from my minor heart attack due to the plastic beetle...
Which oddly enough, ended up on the TOP shelf of the fridge later this afternoon causing another scream fest (gee, I wonder which man in the house did that?)...
I then heated up my favorite skillet with just a touch of butter.

Ladle in the batter.
Do a TON of dishes.
Start picking up the 39487057 toys already spread across the floor.
Find Little O carrying around a bottle of tabasco sauce and a jar of pre-natal vitamins.
Put him in time out.
Smile when you find him reading his shape book to himself in your closet with your sweater half on.
Give kisses.

Time to flip the pancakes and start scrambling the eggs.
Hear D awake upstairs.
Pat myself on the back for perfect timing.
and give into the repeated, endless requests for Word World.
Little O's reply..."I love you too mommy".

I can't show you how to make my Grammie's scrambled egg recipe because that is a long blog in itself.
I was very young when she first shared her recipe.
I don't mind sharing it (I mean why keep something so wonderful a secret???)
One of these days I'll get around to blogging it.
See how I keep you hooked?

So, plate up the delicious breakfast and serve to the hungry tummy of your fiance.
Also give Little O his 6th banana/pb/chocolate pancake of the day.

Happy Eats!


Elsa said...

Probably not popular in my house. hehe I saw a recipe in a magazine that I thought you would like. It's BLT mashed potatoes (bacon, leeks and sun dried tomatoes).

Kate said...

O!!!! D would LOVE that. I should try it tomorrow with the chicken I am making.

Harris Family said...

That sounds soooo good! I'm going to have to try those! YUM!