Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Kate's Eats

Kate's Eats:
Shrimp Alfredo over Linguine with mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes, and artichokes (and maybe a few random cars and blocks).

(on a side note...since the first mouse that has gone to mouse heaven was named Remy...I thought I 'd keep with the Ratatouille tradition and have named the second mouse...Linguine!)

Start by boiling up some pasta.
I had intended on making my own with my super amazing pasta maker.
Then I took a nap.
and laid on the couch thinking very hard about all the things I needed to do.

*Side note*
This bowl came from Guatemala.
from a foreign exchange student.
D gives me a hard time about not taking good care of my belongings but this bowl is one of my treasures that I would sit and sob over and that I take very careful care of.

Headed out to the garden.
Realized that my green onions have reached mammoth proportions and should probably, i dunno, eat them.
So, I then pulled them, washed them, and diced them.
After fishing a sippy cup and a several cookies out of the sandbox.
Oh, and then I picked up several army men out of some flower pots.

That's my garlic too...

I am embarrassed to admit that I used jarred Alfredo sauce but I have been working A LOT.
I mean, some days I'm out of the house from 6:30am till 7:30pm.
That makes for some nights that require a little corner cutting.
Give me a break folks!
But, don't have a nervy spaz...
I doctored the Alfredo.
I added a massive amount of parm cheese, come half & half, garlic, oregano, marjoram, parsley.

I actually really hate raw onions.
They are one of the few foods I truly despise.
but once they start to look yummy and smell yummy like this...

I quartered up some artichoke hearts.
D loves artichoke hearts.
I marinated the rest of the jar in some EVOO and herbs for D's Friday steak dinner.
I try to, every once in awhile, to make him a special dinner to say thank you for putting up with the amount that I work, the time I spend talking about work, the time I work weekends, the time I complain about work.

I then sauteed those last few mushrooms that really needed used up.

Then I did some work for work. hehe, yes, yes I did.
I also paid a few bills.
Which reminded me why I have to work.
After which, I used my amazing toddler whisperer skills to deduce that the shoe that he wanted to wear was stuck in a basket.
Being a Mom to a toddler is, sometimes, a very surreal experience.

Ok, as odd looking as this picture is....
It is indeed sun-dried tomatoes.
Courtesy of the food dehydrator from the lovely Miss Alison.

I diced up about 1/4 cup and tossed them into the Alfredo sauce.
I then pulled out some shrimp to thaw.
and found...
a sinosaur (dinosaur)
a zoom zoom (hot wheels car)
and a frozen sippy cup

er, those were in the freezer.
not in the bag of shrimp.
That'd just be not right.

dear me
oh my

As the shrimp thawed and the sauce simmered on low we had a tubby time.
Followed by a full on bum wipe out.
Followed by mommy "huggies and holds mes".
Followed by "I see cookie now?"
Followed by "no".
Followed by a tantrum.
Then I added the shrimp to the dish and we put on jim-jams and began the "you see daddy? noooo...daddy away still. you see daddy? noooo daddy away still. you see daddy?? nooo...daddy away still." game.

So I diverted the situation by heading out to the garden for some parsley.
We have been learning our herbs.
So, Little O picked some (or a LOT) of parsley.
I used this much...
I am growing three different types but I went with the curly for the Alfredo.

Tossed all the ingredients together and let them rest for a bit while we read a book about a pig that decides he wants to be a frog but doesn't fit in. In the end he learns that being a pig is the best.
I also may have made lunch boxes put a band-aid on on a forehead.
Little O is not only fearless but also clumsy.
Great combo.

Next up, I pulled out one of my new bowls.
Thank you Mr. D
I love them.
We are working on the wedding registry and having a really hard time.

a) I HATE asking people for gifts at a wedding. Coming and joining and eating and laughing is enough.
b) I like unique things and would rather the gift came from the heart than a registry.
c) I like the things I have unless, of course, you care to buy me an uber expensive, super-duper fancy knife set. Then I shall not complain.

But I like these bowls.

As I heard the roar of the Z (yes, D drives a Z... Kinda fun to say huh?).
Little O yells Daddy's hommies away!
Who knows what that even means.
So, I plated up dinner and straightened up the house from last minute massive amount of toys.

Happy Eats!


Elsa said...

I love every single bowl. I have a few Moroccan, Algerian, Mexican and Navajo items that I would have breakdowns over as well. But Ali thinks I could take better care of my stuff as well. I give him a look when he says this, but he's 100% right. Everything I own seems to have a chip in it.

Kate said...

Hahaha, me too but I am of the mind set that why own it if you aren't going to use it.