Monday, April 25, 2011

Kate's Eats

Kate's Eats:
Sun-dried Tomato and Blue Cheese Burgers
accompanied by toasted cheesy artichoke hearts.

I kinda sorta made up the recipe.

I tend to do that.
But I was inspired my an email that showed up from Allrecipes.
So I went with it and started by thawing out a pound of meat...
I hate taking pictures of meat.
It is so gross.

I am so obsessed with my new dehydrator so I made some more sun dried tomatoes.
And then decided NOT to make cookies as it is about a million degrees here.
no joke.
I love it.

I had some leftover artichoke hearts.
And we all know D loves artichoke hearts.
So I sliced them in half.
I also sliced a nice part of my finger off.
At which point I said a few choice words and Little O covered his ears.
Good boy.

Look how pretty that half of an artichoke is?
Whomever decided to marinate artichoke hearts I thank you greatly.
Brilliant idea.
I was kinda, sorta thinking of things that I can experiment with in the food dehydrator.
What would dehydrated artichoke hearts be like??

Next up pull out the Worcestershire, Tabasco, and A1.
I didn't measure just did dashes and some dollops.
Then I measured out about 3/4 c. blue cheese and chopped up 1T. chives.

P.S. See my new red compost pot in the back???

Top the halved artichoke hearts with bread crumbs and then parm cheese.
Broil in the super awesome, red toaster oven.
It literally took about 5 minutes.
I tried it with a mayo dip and without.
Both were awesome.

Next up:
Spend too long on FB.
Change a diaper.
Fish a "monsters" out of the potty.
Put child in time-out.
Talk to a client on the phone.
Hate self for answering the phone this late in the evening.
Turn on Beauty and the Beast so you can possibly finish dinner before 2020.

Now mix all the ingredients and form into patties...

Now for the part of the evening where I make Mr. and Mrs. Across the Street and the Friendly Folks Next Door think that I am a terrible cook and am trying to burn my house down.
The ventilation in this home is AWFUL and not matter what I grill or fry, it sets off the alarms.

So I fried up the burgers.
And set off the alarm.
Then I found Little O had dumped and ENTIRE bag of crackers on the floor.
What a night.

So I finished up the burgers...

Made up some quick garlic bread and served with the artichokes, in an effort to squeeze in veggies to D's diet and collapsed on the couch.
We all have those days, right?

On the bright side...
Work is going much, much better.
My co-workers make me laugh.
My amazing Emerald wedding shoes arrived.
I have a dress fitting.
Only one month till the 'rents arrive.
Little O now says:
"I miss you much" and "I lub you tooo".
My garden is flourishing.
I have great friends.


Harris Family said...

Food looks delightful!
Can't wait to see the dress and the shoes and well... the whole thing. You are going to be STUNNING!

Bobbi said...

I feel the need to reveal that you make me feel like an inadequate blogger and housewife. You appear to be the most time-efficient multitasking momma ever. I'm not even working and I only manage to blog once a week, max. I'm getting better about cooking dinner, at least. I work the pregnant angle for all it's worth! But you are seriously my domestic role model (please don't take that the wrong way).

Oh, and any time I cut or hurt myself, Meike says, "Don't worry. Jon-Jon will fix it."