Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter 2011

My lovely 3 Forks Family had a lovely 3 Forks Easter.

Little O is just too wild to take to Mass but I've been lucky enough to have a wonderful fiance that will stay home with the monster while I mouth colors and numbers in Spanish.
Joining the choir was a BAD idea in Southern Texas.

When I returned home we hid the eggs and set up our baskets.
I asked D to dress him in something nice for pictures.
This is what I got...
Little O then fried some chicken and asked for a mint julip.
He may have also murdered someone.

I didn't think O would get the concept of finding the eggs but then I remembered that on Friday he hid my debit card and my work badge in the freezer.
He gets it.

Note to self: check the freezer and fridge BEFORE heading to work every morning.

Little O had a BLAST!
He'd find an egg.
Point at it.
Scream "I see another one"!
Open the egg "and freak out with joy and the candy".
Drop the candy and the egg and head to another egg and candy.

In the beginning of said Easter Egg hunt he thought he was in big trouble.
I kept telling him to "pick it up".
Not realizing, in my grown up mind that I say this phrase 495746 times a day when he is in trouble for throwing one of his numerous toys.
oops. my bad.
But after much clapping and encouragement he seemed to get the idea.
5 seconds later we were full force into "unting eggies".

I've never seen such a dapper child run so fast for a plastic egg.

Then he found the eggies with the m&n's in thems.
And he had to stop.
and sit down.
and take off his jacket.
and eat the whole pack.
Did I ever mention that the only thing Little O goes nutso over is m&n's?

This is about when the evil Mommy said "no more m&n's".
So Little O took them over to Daddy.
"Love you daddy, open pweeease. tank you so much".

Wonderful Daddy redirected to the massive stack of loot that the Easter Bunny left.
Good Job Dad!
And yes, I bought my child a luggage set from the 1960's.
Would you expect any less from me?
I told him it's for his trip to Gaga's and Papa's.

Oh No!
We discovered the chalk that the Gaga Easter Bunny sent.

We drew:

And the we spelled our name:

"no mommy, circle. not O".


Happy Easter to your family from ours here at 3 Forks!

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