Saturday, April 16, 2011

Kate's Eats

Kate's Eats:
Mushroom Risotto with Green Onion and Truffle

See my new pot?
Yeah, I love it.
My favorite Hispanic pottery dealer is going out of business and moving home so is selling everything 50% to 75% off.
I am in heaven and may be stopping there after mass today.
Anyway, I had been eyeing this bean pot for over a year so I splurged a bit.

I had some aribio rice that needed to be used and magically also had some mushrooms on the edge of going bad.
My parsley is out of control (and I've been too busy buying pots to dry the parsley) so I thought "hey! I should make mushroom and truffle risotto"
So I did.

In that pot I melted some bacon grease.

Then I added some diced onion from my garden.
And tossed some EVOO on 5 cloves of garlic and tossed them in my toaster oven.

And my almost-going-bad-mushrooms got quartered.
At this point I went and sat in front of Etsy for 93573057 years.
When I should have been doing one of the following...
my taxes
NOT ignoring the stack of laundry on the sofa
pulling weeds
stirring those onions

but no, I bought a linen skirt.
My finger slipped.

Thouroughly satisfied with my purchase and listening to Cinderelley for the umpteenth time.
I headed back to my now glazed onions and diced some garlic.
Then measured out 3/4 c of rice.
There are only two of us ya know.
And there was even enough leftover for two lunches.

Add those mushrooms to the pot.
Then I headed off to that pile of laundry just in time to watch that pumpkin turn into a carriage.

Back to my pot I added the rice.
Toasted it just a tad.
And went and out all that laundry away in the 4958968 million places it goes in my house.
I liked Casondra's idea of a family closet (go to her blog and check it out) but if you ever have the misfortune of being subjected to my closet you will understand why this will never work for us.
You will also kill me for the number of shoes I own.
It is a sin.
Good thing I am headed to mass in a minute.
I need to pray for my poor soul (but my soles are shoes).

I got off track.
Where was I?
OH! My rice.
Sheesh, don't burn it.
stir it!

Now, a quick run to the garden to chop up some parsley.
Back to the couch to watch Ole Cindy lose that stupid shoe.
And I had to work on mending the dress I'm wearing to a wedding this evening.
It is very delicate and needed a lot of work.
Some of the tears just can't be fixed, but there are no stains, so D can't complain.

Pull out the now roasted garlic, mash it with a pinch of salt in the mortar and pestal, and add it to the dish.
Back to that stupid dress.
Which is actually very "Kate" and I will post pictures.
It is a "pwincess"dress.

Lastly, slowly add the liquid.
I started with 1/4 c. white wine and then about 3 c. chicken broth.
When this is all added and your house smells amazing splash in a dash of white truffle oil.
At this point the evil step-mother should be locking Cinderella in the tower.
and you have a sink of dishes.

So you forget to take a final picture.
Your mom calls.
and your fiance eats it all before you get a picture of the dish plated up.

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Harris Family said...

I am making that this week. Sounds amazing!