Saturday, April 16, 2011

3 Forks Ranch

Status Update

We here at 3 Forks have been super busy.


I am currently working on three blog posts (stay tuned).
The garden looks amazing.
Attempted to move some dirt this afternoon. took a nap instead.
I may get up some energy soon.
I've been pretty emotional lately thinking about the losses in my life the past year.
And by pretty emotional, I mean a hot mess.
Also, I have been really trying to step up my game at work and therefore end up spending the weekend taking 4 hour naps.
I do plan on making a zucchini casserole today (YES, we already have little zuc's) and tomorrow I'm going to try my hand at making cottage cheese.
My lemon poppy seed muffins this morning came out super duper awesome.
I've wanted to do more sewing but again with the time/energy thing so currently it seems I am just cross stitching baby blankets while cuddling and sometimes sticking D with the needle.
my bad.

Little O:

  • Not napping.
  • picking and eating boogers.
  • Now loves chicken nuggets and pea-ut butwer and jessie (you figure that one out).
  • Pulled up all my daffodils and "bwought mommy butterfwly flowers"
  • Loves Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat with Donnie Osmond (dear God).
  • Talks about Gaga and Papa incessantly.
  • Says "love you too"!
  • Also says "fuck-it/damn-it"

Current projects include..
  • a truck (yay!!!)
  • the front yard (tore out all the ugly bushes)
  • moving dirt because I took a nap instead
  • eating my delish foods (I got high praises for the taco casserole the other night...I made it recipe...yep, he won't ever leave me ...insert evil laugh here)
  • picking up after O and case ya hadn't figured it out, D and i are waaay opposite ends of the spectrum. Think chaos versus OCD.

1 comment:

Harris Family said...

You do so much that I'm surprised you have time to breathe let alone nap!
I'm convinced your wonderwoman.
So incase you want to share pics of those rockin blue shorts and red corset top/ reveal your real identity to someone... you know where to find me!