Saturday, April 2, 2011

50 Day Challenge

50 Day Challenge
A Picture of Where You Went Today

Sherwood Forest Faire

I tricked my fiance.
and kinda got away with it.
mostly because they served beer and we had fun.

I've wanted dot go the Renaissance festival for two years.
I asked D last year and he turned up his nose and said "oooh no"

This year I told him I wanted to go to a craft festival
Yes. I am very very evil.
I knew.

Buuut, I also knew we would have fun if D just gave it a shot.
and guess what?
we did!
O loved the fire eaters and the dancing and the rides.
Everyone was so laid back and accepting of a rowdy 2 1/2 yr old.
We browsed shops, rode the the rides, bought a wooden sword to impale people with, and took a HUGE nap when we got home.

The fiddle music was wonderful and, even though I wanted a pair of turquoise earrings, which I never bought thanks to having to chase O, we had a complete and totally amazing fun time.

Of course, when I was pregnant I swore my kids would never play with guns or knives.
And then I bought him a wooden sword.
He makes "swooshing" noises and attacks trees...
not small chilren...
or his mother...
thank goodness.

And I thought he'd be too scared of the ride.
I had to DRAG him off it.
ok, not kidding.
I drug him by one arm, screaming, off the ride.
all the other kids happily jumped off and said please and thank you.
oh no.
He is a holy terror. The kid has a temper from the devil and NO attention span.
I've had him screened for ADHD and Austism but so far everyone just says...
"awe, he's 2".
Trust me. I know my son and this ain't 2.
When he focuses on something it's all he wants.
He can read, count to 20, knows most of his abc's, and get's extremely absorbed in one things at a time. He cannot handle over stimulation or change.
I know he is not a normal 2yo.

But he had a blast...
I felt like I wanted to puke and die.
Luckily, I look happy.
Inside? puking and dieing.

If I had let him, we'd have moved in permanently and lived on the merry-go-round.
But they had no "snackies" or Jorge and bankie.
So, we had to get off.

Just had to throw in a picture of my handsome man who I so cruel-ey tricked.
Love you.
I love his expressions...
Thank you for pushing the wimp of a stroller through the mud/dirt/sand/mulch.

Love this face too...

Thank you Target for providing O's "fwoggie swoes"...

We needed a juice break.

Tearing him away from watching this ride was torture.
I'll post video soon but Little O cracked up laughing every time the "horsey" passed him.
This place is the perfect place to take a child.
Now, I am not opposed to doing "kid" things but I do believe that not every thing I do needs to be catered towards children.
For example, you will NEVER catch me at any show entitles Sesame Street Live or Wiggles on Ice.
I have no problem with the Children's Museum every 6 months or so (in fact we're going next week in Houston) or the local park.
But, I have issues with parent's constantly catering to the marketing that is so highly geared towards children.
Oliver will learn that walking through the Blanton Museum of Art is much better and more of a family activity than those Gymboree play school groups that charge 5435454 million dollars plus two arms and a leg to play on some foam shapes that are covered in some other kids bacteria.

Ok, off my soap box now.

I had the most fun just people watching
and strolling
The place is huge!
We were there for about 4 hours and didn't even see half of the vendors and booths.
There was a lot of adult content.
This was no tame Vincennes Rendezvous.
oh no, we saw many a leather temptress wearing less leather than my flip-flop.
Little O found this guy completely hysterical.
Then again, who wouldn't?

All in all, after a much needed nap, it was a wonderful day!
Definitely going back next year.

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