Saturday, April 2, 2011

50 Day Challenge

West Side Story

50 Day Challenge
A Picture of What you Did Today

I love the theatre.
Always have.
A co-worker once asked how I can start the day with either Dylan or Andrew Lloyd Webber and still be the same person.
It's all poetry I replied.

So today I took D to see his first musical.
The only one showing this season that I wanted to see was West Side Story.
I am eagerly awaiting the declaration of next years performances.
Uncle Matt watched O (thank you thank you thank you).

We got all dressed up and headed to the UT Campus.

I warned D that when Grammie was in the hospital and I was trying to get her to paint her nails or wear lipstick she started singing "I feel pretty, oh so pretty, so whitty, and lovely, and gay"! So...odds were pretty good that crying was going to happen.

and it did.
more than once.
I might have scared small children and maybe some grown-ups.
my bad.

We had to do several mascara checks.
but it was an amazing show.
The dancing was even better than the singing.
I was so blown away by the movement and choreography.
I even choked up a few times just simply watching them move and thinking how Grammie couldn't be there with me to see it.

D's verdict was that it was tollerable.
That's saying a lot for D.
He might go again with me in the future (as there was beer and peanuts) but even if he doesn't...
I love the theatre.

It sets my heart a-fire, inspires passion, and just simply makes me smile...

All in all this was my day...

The shawl was a gift from Grammie.
The dress I bought for 3 bucks
and my Uncle Chris bought me the purse
Shoes...9.99 bucks at only pair of Manola's!
and yes, I own a pair of 9.99 Manola's.
take that Carrie.

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Anonymous said...

K you are so lovely.. and if D won't go.. I would be happy to accompany you! :)