Tuesday, April 5, 2011

50 Day Challenge

50 Day Challenge:

A Picture of Your Morning

It rained!
It never rains here.
It's about the only thing I miss about the Midwest.
Well, that and my friends and family.

Occasionally, during hurricane season we'll get a storm that lasts about 5 seconds.
That's what happened the other morning.
A storm rolled in, it poured, Austin-ites forgot how to drive and went temporarily mad, and then the sun came out.
But for those few minutes I quite enjoyed the rain.

Also, I didn't have to water the garden!
But it made me want to nap.
and I had to work.

Also, every morning, I let Little O watch Word World on PBS while he has a smoothie and cereal.
Don't judge.
Before we leave the house each morning I accomplish the following...
with the help of Word World...
He loves it so much that he won't even sit down.
Obviously, this is post jim-jams and pre clothing.

change O
dress O
make smoothie
make cereal
make sippy cup
double check lunches
double check work bag
double check diaper bag
pull out whatever needs thawed for dinner
load car
shoes on!
find bankie and Jorge
do dishes
take out compost
make a "snackie" cup for O
and one for me
Pick out a pair of heels (this is a process)
make sure D's lunch box is ready
straighten the living room
load the monster
and his hoard of all things that must accompany us
load and set up ipod for the journey
make sure I have badge, work keys, and my brain
drop off bills at mailbox
get gas (unfortunately, with living where we do and driving for work I have to fill up the tank pretty much daily) but since I probably keep my favorite gas station in business he regularly "forgets" to charge my diet coke.
ya know, the diet coke that I don't ever drink?
the one I gave up for Lent?
Yeah, I get it for free.

1 comment:

Elsa said...

I'm pretty sure I would never miss the rain, or storms, ever ever. I didn't realize the weather was so nice in TX. No wonder the traffic is so brutal, everyone is moving there.

And Mimi stands to watch her shows as well. :)