Friday, April 1, 2011

50 Day Challenge

50 Day Challenge:
A Picture of What You Wore Today

This is one of my latest favorite skirts.
Although it drive D crazy, I will wear vintage skirts/dresses/sweaters/shoes/shirts that have stains, or small tears, or little rips.
But, this skirt is *perfect* !
I bought it on etsy (all your fault Jenny).
all. your. fault.
(just to fill you in she sent me this link about a wedding dress (which I am already having made) and then spent 35848569685968 hours on etsy.
And I bought this skirt.
I will be buying more from this women as soon as I:
a) win the lottery
b) sell my soul
c) become a superstar

Damn you Jenny!
But hearts for the wonderful skirt~
(which I wore even thought it was like 95 today)

I'm also on this current kick of wearing flowers in my hair.
I go through phases.
For awhile it was barrettes.
Then I dangled earrings from my bun.
Next I was into ribbons.
glitter head bands.
For a short span I just sprinkled glitter in my hair.
and then beads strung to bobby pins with ribbons.

Can you say "short attention span"?

I am thankful that most people love my style in my career.
Most likely due to the fact that I work with open minded and a very diverse population.
I do find the looks of confusion I get sometimes amusing.
And the other day a pair of older gentlemen (70's) said I reminded them of the good ole days.

1 comment:

Harris Family said...

So sorry that I started an etsy addiction...
Well ok, not really bc its wonderful and I think everyone should have one.
I do love the skirt!
You rock vintage like no other doll!